News from Suz: 2020 12 08

It’s finally here.

The final installment in my long-running Tall, Dark & Dangerous series about Navy SEAL Team Ten.

Thomas King and Tasha Francisco’s story.

King’s Ransom

The book that readers have been waiting for.

In Frisco’s Kid, Tasha Francisco was a strong-willed, independent child, thrown into the temporary care of her Navy SEAL uncle, Alan “Frisco” Francisco.

Years older, but still just a kid himself, Thomas King lived nearby. Tasha took one look and declared she’d marry him someday. Thomas wasn’t quite so sure about that.

Now Tasha’s a strong-willed, independent young woman, and Thomas is an officer and a hospital corpsman with SEAL Team Ten.

When Tasha’s Uncle Alan asks Thomas for a favor—to help keep his niece safe as she travels to a remote ski lodge with her wealthy boyfriend’s royal family—Thomas grimly accepts his role as Tasha’s bodyguard. But things go horribly, terribly wrong, and Thomas and Tasha find themselves alone together in the freezing wilderness, on the run from the dangerous men who want her dead.

Thomas knows only one thing for sure: He’ll sacrifice everything and anything to keep Tasha safe. 

The tall, dark and dangerous Navy SEALs of Team Ten are back–with Suzanne Brockmann’s signature blend of love, laughter, and a hint of danger in King’s Ransom.

New, never-before-published full-length novel
Release date: December 2020
King’s Ransom by Suzanne Brockmann

Tall, Dark & Dangerous/SEAL Team Ten #13
Hero: Navy SEAL LT (jg) Thomas King
Heroine: Tasha Francisco
Location: San Diego, California and northwestern Maine
Tropes: Childhood friends to lovers
Snowbound/trapped in close quarters
92K words or 300 pages

Available in ebook and paperback, and in audio (coming soon!) from Blackstone Audio.

Note from Suz: Audiobook fans, I’ll keep you apprised as to King’s Ransom’s audio release date via this newsletter.

Find King’s Ransom in ebook and print at your favorite on-line bookseller! 

More info: 

Read on for a short excerpt from King’s Ransom

Tasha’s eyes widened when she turned and saw him come out of the gate and onto the airfield. Instead of a more conventional greeting like Hey or ’Sup, she went with, “No.” She shook her head, too, adding, “Nope. Nope. No.”

Thomas smiled. He couldn’t help himself and of course she bristled, thinking he was laughing at her, rather than commiserating with her.

Her blue eyes turned decidedly chilly, staring at him, unamused, from the stony face of this weird stranger she’d become over the past five years. She was strikingly beautiful, true, but the weirdness here was off-the-charts.

Gone was the messy little girl who’d been a rough-and-tumble tomboy even as she’d insisted on wearing Disney-princess pink.

Gone was the reckless teen who’d driven her aunt and uncle crazy with worry.

She’d transformed into this carefully put-together, heavily made-up, fashionably dressed young woman, with every hair in place.

Nah, that’s where shades of her former messiness still poked through. Her hair was still untamable, and as she shook her head at him, it flashed in the airfield’s high powered lights.

Thomas shook his head back at her—coupla idiots just standing there on the airstrip next to a very slick-looking private jet, No-ing each other emphatically, in total agreement.

That didn’t change the situation, not one iota.

“Yeah, no, sorry,” he voiced his nope in the form of an apology. “Mike and Dave are going wheels up, and Rio has… Something. With his family. So, yeah. It’s me. Sorry. Really.”

She was nodding now, her movements jerky as she shifted her carry-on-sized suitcase closer to her and adjusted the big, zippered bag she wore on one shoulder.

“Well, this day just keeps getting better,” she said. “Ted needed to leave early, to make a stop in Toronto for his mother for some obviously manipulative reason, and Jeff and Kayla went with him, so this flight is just me. And now… you.”

Oh, good.

Alone on a private jet with Tasha Francisco. For six hours.

Not that he’d been looking forward to sitting in the back of the plane while she spent the flight sipping champagne and laughing with her royal boyfriend’s royal arm around her soon-to-be-royal shoulders.
But now…? It would be just the two of them.

From King’s Ransom
Tall, Dark & Dangerous Navy SEAL Team Ten # 13
© 2020 Suzanne Brockmann

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Oh, except…

Happy Holidays! May 2021 be a better year for all of us!


Readers in Georgia! I’ve been texting every Tuesday evening for the WFP in support of Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, so if you get a text from “Suzanne, volunteering with the WFP,” make sure you text back, “Suz, is that you?!” 🙂 (And then, you know, #VoteBlue!!)

Thank you for your time and attention!

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Love and hugs and don’t stop fighting for equality, equity, peace, hope, and love,


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News from Suz: May 19, 2017

May 19, 2017

News from Suz Brockmann

Hello, readers!

My plan was to send you an e-newsletter in early May, but it’s suddenly May 19th, and it’s starting to be a stretch even to call it mid-May!  (And, also suddenly, it’s full summer in Framingham, Massachusetts!)

Do or Die is currently (and temporarily!) on sale for $1.99 in all e-formats!

I wanted to get this e-news out to you ASAP because we’re smack in the middle of a flash sale for the ebook of DO OR DIE.

If you haven’t yet picked up this book-with-a-former-SEAL-hero that NPR included in their list of best books of 2014, now’s the time!

(Grab it fast, it’s only on sale for a short time!)

In other news:

1) Follow me over at BookBub, and you’ll get news about future flash-sales (hint! hint!) delivered right into your email inbox. Here’s the URL:

2) Some Kind of Hero, my next, new, full-length, full-power old-school Troubleshooters novel comes out on July 11th, in ebook and hardcover from Ballantine Books, and in audio from Blackstone Audio.

(And yes, Patrick Lawlor will be narrating the audiobook, along with the amazing Bahni Turpin!!)

Kirkus gave Some Kind of Hero a *starred* review, saying “A thought-provoking, deeply satisfying romance from a master of the genre.” (Thank you, Kirkus!!)

Here’s more (lovely!) advanced praise for the book:

“Nobody mixes suspenseful adventure and heart-melting romance like Suzanne Brockmann.”—USA Today bestselling author Sarina Bowen

“Nobody does it better! Some Kind of Hero is Suzanne Brockmann at the top of her game, with a story full of heartstopping action and genuine, funny, heartfelt emotion.”—New York Times bestselling author Virginia Kantra

“In classic Brockmann style, Some Kind of Hero does not shy away from the controversies of our times. Instead, it faces them head on, delivering a thought-provoking, high-octane love story with a hero and heroine one can’t help but root for. Prepare to be blown away.”—USA Today bestselling author Farrah Rochon

“Delicious sexual tension and a fast-paced plot made me want Some Kind of Hero to last way past the final page.”—USA Today bestselling author Megan Erickson

“Brockmann is a master at romantic suspense. Sexy, smart, and completely original, Some Kind of Hero is not to be missed.”—HelenKay Dimon, award-winning author of the Tough Love series

“The writer in me can’t believe that Brockmann keeps getting better with every book. The reader in me loves it!”—M. L. Buchman, author of The Night Stalkers series and Delta Force series

“Fast-paced suspense and a to-die-for hero! This book will be a new favorite for Brockmann fans.”—New York Times bestselling author Elle Kennedy

But I think my favorite piece of “advanced praise” came from Patrick Lawlor, my long-time audiobook narrator and voice of all-things-SEAL-Team-16, who finished his recording prep for the book and emailed me, channeling his inner Navy SEAL and saying “THIS BOOK IS F*CKING GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!” (Caps and many exclamation points are all his!) He also noted that his favorite scene was “the Shit Bucket of Doom.” You’re gonna have to wait and see (or listen!) to find out what thatmeans! 🙂

Here’s my website’s page for Some Kind of Hero, where you can read the cover blurb and access the pre-order links!

3) Free Fall and Home Fire Inferno (Burn, Baby, Burn!), the first two stories in my Troubleshooters/SEAL trilogy that concludes with the novella-sized Ready to Roll, is available in a special 2-in-1 edition, both in e-book and in print-on-demand.

I get a lot of mail and messages from readers who are print-only, wanting to get  Free Fall and HFI. But those stories are both short, and it would have been prohibitively expensive to create a print edition. But… a 2-in-1, a collection in which both stories appear under one cover…?  That I could do!

Here are the links for Print on Demand:CreateSpace paperback:

Amazon paperback:

NookPress paperback:  (Toggle down for the paperback edition!)

NookPress hardcover: (Toggle down for the hc!)

And for the ebook edition:Kobo:




4) Fixing Frank, the next book in my “Suzanne Brockmann Presents” line of m/m category rom-com novellas, written by Jason T. Gaffney with Ed Gaffney (AKA my son and his dad!) will be out on June 20th! Pre-order buttons are up at Amazon and Kobo!Also, check out our updated cover art for the first two books in Jason & Ed’s California Comedy series, Creating Clark and A Match for Mike!

(Scroll down! New art below!)

5) Bunch o’ upcoming appearances, both in person and online:

Monday, June 19, 2017
Big Gay Fiction Podcast
Interview with Suz Brockmann and Fixing Frank authors Jason T. Gaffney & Ed Gaffney

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 — South Natick, Massachusetts

Reading without Walls Book Club: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
Location: Bacon Free Library
58 Eliot Street
South Natick, MA 01760
Time: 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Open to the public
Program: Discussion of Angie Thomas’s brilliant YA novel, The Hate U Give, led by local author Suzanne Brockmann
More info:
Note from Suz: OMG, this book was so good and important and so so so good. It’s a great book to read with your YA-aged kids, it’s a great book to read, period. After reading it, I sent a copy to my 85 year-old mother, and to my thirty-something daughter, too! New Englanders, spend an evening with me at my favorite little library, talking about an amazing book! (I’ll be downloading Angie’s list of book group questions from her website and bringing them with me, so in a sense, she’ll be guiding our discussion!)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Guest Blog at Joyfully Jay: Suz Brockmann with Fixing Frank authors Jason T. Gaffney & Ed Gaffney

Friday, June 23, 2017 — Orlando, Florida
Guest Blog at Romance University: the importance of amplifying #ownvoices authors while also including diverse characters in mainstream romance

Saturday, July 29, 2017
RWA National Conference Book Signing
“Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing (I will be one of many at a multi-author event!)
Location:  Walt Disney World® Dolphin Resort, Pacific Hall
Orlando, FL
Time: 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Note: Open to the public! Come say hi! This event will raise funds for literacy programs, so there’s a limit to the number of books you can bring with you! For more information:

Okay, readers and friends, that’s all for now!

Stay cool, stay safe, stay sane!

Please feel free to email, blog, post, tweet, and/or share any or all of my news with your social circle! (I love it when you do!)

As always, thank you so much for your ongoing support!


P.S. As we approach Some Kind of Hero’s July release, I’ll be sending out a few more e-newsletters than usual. I promise it won’t last long, and I’ll go back to writing my next book very soon! 🙂

The California Comedy series, from the new “Suzanne Brockmann Presents” line of m/m rom-com novellas!

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News from Suz: October 17, 2016

News from Suzanne Brockmann

Hey, I know I *just* sent you an e-newsletter…

But many of you were waiting for news about the print editions of my new Troubleshooters novella, Ready to Roll, and it’s finally available in print from both Amazon and B&N! (Yay!) I can also announce that the audiobook editions of both Ready to Roll and Home Fire Inferno will soon be available via Blackstone Audio, read by Patrick Lawlor and (hopefully!) Melanie Ewbank! (Double yay!)

And… the second installment of the California Comedy series, A Match for Mike, is also now available in e-book, with POD coming soon!

Finally, I’ve reissued Home Fire Inferno (Burn, Baby, Burn!), the second installment in the trilogy of Izzy-Zanella-centric shorts that starts with Free Fall and ends with Ready to Roll. I hadn’t realized—until very recently—that the charity anthology in which this story was originally published had gone out of print in most e-formats. So my brilliant cover art guy, Scott Fowler, immediately got to work so that I could get this to you, ASAP! Now all three stories are available in e-book!

Read on for details and links!

Ready to Roll:
Trade paperback print editions are available via print-on-demand from CreateSpace and NookPress:

Hardcover print editions are also available via print-on-demand from NookPress.

Note: Print on demand is cool. It allows authors to release indie books like Ready to Roll, and get them into the hands of readers who don’t read via e-book. The standard format is a trade-size paperback (mine are 5.5”x8.5”), but NookPress also makes a hardcover edition. It’s lovely, but expensive!

Just to be thorough, ICYMI…
Ready to Roll (A Troubleshooters Novella):

A Match for Mike, Book #2 in the California Comedy series is here!

I’m the editor and publisher (the line is called “Suzanne Brockmann Presents!) of this really fun project written by my son, Jason, with help from my husband, Ed.

Jason and Ed are screenwriters—together we all co-wrote our movie, The Perfect Wedding, a sweet little boy-meets-boy romantic comedy in which the fact that the two heroes are gay doesn’t create any conflict in the story. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of conflict and hijinx in our movie, but it doesn’t come from any issues with anyone’s sexual orientation.

But making a movie is freaking expensive. We Kickstarted our second movie (a shout out to all who helped! TY so much!), an LGBTQ thriller called Russian Doll, written by Ed. But even with literal help from our friends, we’re still working on a seriously tight budget, which makes post-production take forever!

So Jason approached Ed (or maybe Ed approached Jason…?) with the idea of writing m/m romances that are essentially classic 90-minute-long feel-good rom-com movies, only in novella form. I chimed in, “That sounds exactly like a category romance,” and voila, the “Suzanne Brockmann Presents” line of m/m category romances was born!

Our goal with these books is to deliver both the funny with the traditional rom-com happily ever after, with a few euphemistic happy-endings along the way! 🙂

Again, we’ve set these stories in a world where the conflict—and the comedy—isn’t based on the heroes’ being gay.

Special note: we’re absolutely not saying that coming-out or even inability-to-come-out-yet stories aren’t still vitally important in today’s romance genre. But Jason wanted to write stories that reflected his own experiences, growing up in a welcoming and supportive world. The California Comedy series features the voice of a young gay man who is profoundly comfortable in his own skin, living a life of truth in the sunlight! (Gotta love that!)

And as long as we’re talking #OwnVoices, A Match for Mike also features a Deaf hero. Again, Jason writes from his experience growing up and living his life hearing impaired, with his strong connection to the Deaf community. (If you haven’t seen one of Jace’s sign language videos on YouTube, here’s a link to my favorite:  And yeah, that’s tied with my other favorite, filmed during one of Jason’s ASL classes: )

Plus all that authentic goodness comes with a serious helping of funny.

Here’s the blurb for A Match for Mike:

Attorney Mike Davis has just about everything he’s ever wanted—a great job and a beautiful condo in LA. Basically, he’s all set—except for the fact that romance disappeared from his life some years ago, and hasn’t been heard from since. So when a work assignment brings him to the small mountain resort town of Dancing Elk, the home of his estranged childhood crush, Mike expects his nonexistent love-life to go from bad to awkward mess.

Handyman and amateur photographer Jeremy Schofield grew up in sleepy Dancing Elk, and got used to being left behind when vacations ended and the visiting families went back home. As a child, Jeremy lived for the long, lazy summer days when his best friend Mike was in town. Mike was his match in so many ways—he’d even learned sign language to communicate with Jeremy, who is Deaf. But the year they turned seventeen, both Jeremy and Mike fell under the spell of the same boy, and at the end of that summer, when Mike left, he left for good.

But now Mike’s back, and he surprises Jeremy by asking for his help in repairing an important client’s estate. When the two old friends work side-by-side, sparks fly and passion ignites as a kamikaze bat, a collapsing floor, a stray alpaca, and an elderly woman with the worst plumbing in California conspire to bring them back together. (34,000 words or 130 pages)

Here’re the links to A Match for Mike:

Print: Coming soon!
Suz Website link:

(And yes, our cover model for A Match for Mike is the talented and brilliant David Allen Singletary, who also plays a small but pivotal role in Russian Doll )

Home Fire Inferno (Burn, Baby, Burn!)

So I discovered when I released Ready to Roll that many of you had not yet read Home Fire Inferno, the second story in a connected trilogy of Troubleshooters shorts and novellas.  HFI was originally published in a charity anthology of military romances called Way of the Warrior, in which money raised went to support wounded military veterans.

But when RtoR came out, I realized that Way of the Warrior had gone (mostly) out of print. (It’s no longer available in the Kindle or Nook formats, and the other formats will vanish soon, too. You can still pick up a copy of the mass market print edition, but only until the current inventory is gone!)

Because of this, I’ve rushed to reissue Home Fire Inferno in a special e-book edition, in which $1 for each e-book sold will still go to support veterans. (Thank you for helping me do that!)

Here are the links to my reissue of Home Fire Inferno:
Kobo: (coming soon)

And… just as many of you might not have read Home Fire Inferno, you may have missed Free Fall, too.  (If so, that’s kinda cool, since you can now go directly from reading Free Fall to Home Fire Inferno to Ready to Roll!)

In that spirit, here are the links to Free Fall, too:
Kindle UK:

In anticipation of the burning question: But what about readers who prefer print?

Fear not, but please be patient!

In a few months, I’ll be releasing a 2-in-1 print-on-demand edition of both Free Fall and Home Fire Inferno. In fact, the cover’s ready—you can see it here!  (I’ll email you again when it’s available!)

Don’t forget that my next full length Troubleshooters novel, Some Kind of Hero will be available in hardcover and ebook from Ballantine Books on July 11, 2017. You can preorder it now!

And here are the links to preorder Some Kind of Hero!
Nook: (Not yet available!)
Kobo:  kobo:

Okay, readers and friends. That’s all for now! Please feel free to email, blog, post, tweet, and/or share any or all of my news with your social circle!  In fact, I appreciate it enormously when you do!

As always, thanks so much for your ongoing support!


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News from Suz: October 05, 2016

Ready to Roll is finally available as an e-book!

(And it’s got a new cover!)
Rabbit, rabbit! Happy October!

And—for the first time in a long time…
Ready to RollHappy Finally-I-Have-News-About-the-Release-of-the-Next-New-Troubleshooters-Book!

We have a title! We have a release date! We have more Navy SEAL Team Sixteen and Izzy Zanella!

Some Kind of Hero will be coming at you in hardcover and ebook from Ballantine Books, and in audio from Blackstone Audio, on (mrph-smrph).  (Yeah, I intentionally mumbled that release date. But read on because…!!)

This new Troubleshooters novel is set (mostly) in San Diego and features Navy SEAL LT Peter “Grunge” Greene, who has recently gained custody of his estranged teenaged daughter, Maddie.

And although Pete (the lieutenant’s a little embarrassed by his SEAL nickname and thinks of himself as “Pete”) is an officer with the reputation for being both aloof and the most diabolically kickass instructor in the history of BUD/S training, his SEAL teammates—including Izzy Zanella—rally around him to assist when Maddie runs away.

But it’s Shayla Whitman, Pete’s slightly older, mother-of-two, across-the-street neighbor who provides both the smarts and the skills to help him find—and connect with—the missing girl.

(Shayla’s a romance author, so connection is her specialty. And yup. I went there!)

Some Kind of Hero is old-school Troubleshooters with a whisper of a WWII subplot, too.  I worked hard to pack in the action, the emotion, the drama, and the funny—I think you’re gonna enjoy the end result!  When Zanella’s involved, the funny comes easy! But Shay, as a writer, really brings it, too.  I think my personal favorite scenes are when Pete and Shay discuss one of Shay’s romance novels, which Pete is now reading…

So okay. Here’s where I finally enunciate the not-so-good news:
Some Kind of Hero will be out in hardcover, ebook, and audio on July 11, 2017.


Next summer.  After this mother-*#&%-ing election, and after Christmas, New Year’s, Inauguration Day, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, AND the Fourth of July.  That July 11th—the one’s that’s nine months away. Someone reading this is not yet pregnant, but will give birth and have a baby before Some Kind of Hero is in her hands. (If it’s you, congratulations!! Izzy says “Please don’t name the baby Irving, but both Pete and Shayla are great names!”)

It’s all my fault that Some Kind of Hero is coming to you so late, and I’m so sorry.

It took me a really, really long time to figure out exactly what I wanted/needed to write after a rough coupla years, and I apologize for that.  But I finally found this story—and this SEAL hero! Full disclosure: Some Kind of Hero has been written, revised, and handed in! In fact, I’m working on reviewing the copy edits RIGHT NOW! The July date isn’t going to change because of any delays on my end, I promise you that!

But okay.  Because July 2017 is such a long, long, LONG way away, and because I’ve already made you wait years for a new Troubleshooters book, I’ve gotten Ballantine’s blessing to release Ready to Roll, a Troubleshooters novella, right here and right now. (The links are live!  It’s available in ebook with POD coming soon, in both hardcover and paperback! The audio download will also be available soon!)

The super cool thing about Ready to Roll is that in it you’ll get to meet Pete (the SEAL hero of SKOH), along with getting a hefty serving of Izzy Zanella and the entire Gillman-Zanella family. (Izzy’s wife Eden! Eden’s little brother Ben! Eden’s other brother and Izzy’s SEAL-in-law, Danny Gillman! Dan’s wife Jenn! Dan and Jenn’s new baby, Colin!)

Also…? In Ready to Roll, you’ll get to meet an entire boat squad of young SEAL candidates who are enduring (surviving?) Phase One of BUD/S.

Here’s the book’s official blurb:

Oh, wait.

First, a reminder that Ready to Roll was originally intended to be a short story.  But when I sat down to write it (it’s the third tale in a trilogy that includes Free Fall and Home Fire Inferno), there was way more story than I could possibly fit in 12K words (think 50ish book pages).

Ready to Roll is, instead, a 56K word/200-page novella. (It’s almost exactly the same length as my Jules & Robin book, All Through the Night!)

Here’s that blurb for Ready to Roll:

Suzanne Brockmann returns to the action-packed world of her bestselling Troubleshooters series with a new novella featuring U.S. Navy SEAL Izzy Zanella, his extended family, and his kickass teammates in SEAL Team Sixteen.

The only easy day is yesterday.

BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) training is known for being the toughest, meanest, most physically punishing program in the entire U.S. Navy, and a new crop of tadpoles have arrived in Coronado eager to prove their worth—to make it through Hell Week and become U.S. Navy SEALs.

Although Izzy prefers assignments out in the “real world,” he’s glad to be an instructor for the current BUD/S class because it allows him to spend time at home with his wife, Eden, and her lively and lovable extended family.

Eden’s sixteen-year-old brother, Ben, is dealing with a new crush and a homophobic bully in his high school, but it soon appears that things are not as they seem.

As Ben deals with the type of too-serious high school drama that could involve a body count, Izzy is intrigued by “Boat Squad John,” a misfit team of young SEAL candidates all named John, including the intriguing young Seagull, his swim buddy Timebomb, and Seagull’s nemesis Hans.

Does Seagull have what it takes keep Boat Squad John still standing when the dust of BUD/S Hell Week settles or will they ring out?

Set in Coronado during BUD/S training Hell Week, in Ready to Roll Brockmann introduces the SEAL officer and instructor nicknamed Grunge—Lt. Peter Greene—as she delivers what she does best: a story celebrating the U.S. Navy SEALs—and the women (and sometimes men) who wholeheartedly love and support them. (About 56,000 words or 200 pages)

The ebook of Ready to Roll includes the very first excerpt from Some Kind of Hero!

Nearly all of SKOH’s Chapter One is nestled at the end of RtoR.  So heads up if you are an excerpt avoider, and heads up, too, if you are an excerpt lover!

Mark your calendars for July 11, 2017 with a great big “More Izzy and Pete & Shayla” (or a “More Izzy and Pete; MEET SHAY!!” if you’re an excerpt avoider!).

And check out the awesome new cover for Ready to Roll, created by my art genius friend, Scott Fowler, who also did the cover for Free Fall. (I promise, after you read RtoR, you will love this cover even more, because that’s definitely the SEAL candidate nicknamed Seagull in the center, surrounded by the rest of Boat Squad John!)

Here are the links to Ready to Roll:

Amazon UK:
GooglePlay: (coming soon!)

Print on Demand (coming soon!)
NookPress hardcover:
CreateSpace paperback:

Audio download: (coming soon!)

Website link:

Before I go, a coupla quick recommended reads:

Evelyn, After by Victoria Helen Stone is out!  It’s women’s fiction, and it’s amazing, and it’s currently in pre-release at Amazon as a $1.99 Kindle ebook.  (Try it! It’s sooo good!) It’s not a romance, but it certainly has romantic elements, and I’ll say it again, it’s amazing! (The structure! The character development and growth! The story! The writing sings!) In fact, Evelyn, After is my favorite book of the year. I do not say that lightly! I loved this book.

Here’s the link to that Kindle edition:
P.S. I think the book is currently free for those who have Amazon Prime!!


My new line of m/m category romances, Suzanne Brockmann Presents, is about to launch the next book in the California Comedy series, A Match for Mike.

Mike will be available within the next few weeks.  (I’ll send out another quick email when it goes on sale.)  Written by Jason T. Gaffney (aka my beloved son) with Ed Gaffney (aka Jason’s dad), A Match for Mike is extremely funny and sweet and spicy and…

(If you’re going, “Suzanne Brockmann Presents, wait, what…?” check out Creating Clark, California Comedy series #1, available in ebook and print-on-demand!)

Here are the links to Creating Clark:


NookPress Hardcover:
NookPress PB:
CreateSpace PB:  at createspace store:
CreateSpace PB at

Okay.  That’s all for now.

Thank you for your time and attention!

Please feel free to email, blog, post, tweet, and/or share any or all of my news with your social circle!  In fact, I appreciate it enormously when you do!

As always, thanks so much for your ongoing friendship and support!


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News from Suz: Aug. 1, 2015


Happy Summer!

It’s freaking hot here in Boston, where we rarely break 80 degrees, let alone endure this past week’s relentless 90s. But… I just saw a photo taken last winter and suddenly the heat doesn’t seem that bad! (It’s only been a few weeks since the last of the winter’s ice finally melted in Boston. Yes, really.)
This email is a quick hello to all of the new people on this e-newsletter list (hello!), an apology to everyone I missed seeing at RWA’s literacy signing (and also a “you’re welcome,” because you did NOT want to catch the nasty illness that I had!), and a heads up to all Boston/New England area readers!

TS 3 OTE 300 dpiBoston-Area readers and friends! 

Join me on August 11th at 7:00 p.m. at the Bacon Free Library in South Natick, Massachusetts for a casual and lively discussion of my third Troubleshooters book, Over the Edge.


Date: Tues. Aug. 11, 2015
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Bacon Free Library
    58 Eliot Street
    South Natick, MA 01760
Program: Discussion of Over the Edge (TS #3 – Stan & Teri) with author Suzanne Brockmann


This wonderful and charming library is hosting the open-to-the-public event. So throw a T-shirt on over your bathing suit, (or bring snacks and come straight from work) and hang out with me at the library for a fun and relaxing evening talking Over the Edge!


You remember this one.


Over the Edge is the story of Navy SEAL Senior Chief Stan Wolchonok and Navy Reserve helo pilot LT (jg) Teri Howe — and the Navy SEAL takedown of a commercial airliner hijacked by terrorists. OTE was first published in late August 2001. (Yup, right before 9/11.) This book’s big secondary romance is between Navy SEAL Sam Starrett and FBI Agent Alyssa Locke. (The book contains one of my personal all-time favorite scenes between Sam and Jules Cassidy!)*** The WWII subplot focuses on the Holocaust in Denmark — and how the Danish people flatly refused to let the Nazis round up their Jewish neighbors.


Yes, there’s a lot to talk about! I’m also going to bring my original OTE file, which contains my notes and outlines from writing the book.


I’m gonna try to get a friend to come and live-post the discussion (what is it called when that’s done on FB? On twitter, it’s live-tweet…) so those of you in far-off lands can follow along on my Facebook reader page at


Mark your calendars and get out your ancient copy of OTE — it’s time for a re-read!


If you can’t find your copy or you want a shiny new one for your e-reader, here are some helpful and easy links:


Ebook links to Over the Edge:
Amazon Kindle:


Print (in case you lent your copy to your sister/friend/mother/husband/co-worker/best frenemy and (S)HE HASN’T GIVEN IT BACK!!): 
Book Depository:


Over The Edge AudioOver the Edge is also one of the early Troubleshooters books that was recently re-recorded in my now-trademark “dual narrator” format and reissued by Blackstone Audio! You can find this top-notch new edition, read by Patrick Lawlor and Melanie Ewbank, in CD, MP3, or audio download! (But heads up — the older edition is still floating around out there! Double check that you’re getting the new version — make sure it’s read by Patrick and Melanie before you click “buy”):



Here’s a link to the lovely library:


I hope to see you there!


P.S. My next book, Wild Sky, will be out in October in both trade paperback and in a hardcover library edition. This is the second installment in my YA paranormal Night Sky series co-written with my daughter Melanie Brockmann. Main character Skylar is back, but this time the story focuses on her wheelchair-bound best friend Calvin! Find out more at


P.P.S. July’s filming of my latest indie movie, Russian Doll, was both on schedule and under budget! We’ve now moved in post-production! To get detailed updates about the movie (festival news, etc), join the official RD mailing list (also here at Tiny Letter!) at


***Come to the event to find out which scene is on my all-time fav list!


Night SkyWild Sky Over The Edge Audio
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News from Suz: May 26, 2015 (Kickstarter ends on May 30, noon ET!)


News from Suzanne Brockmann

The Kickstarter Campaign for my next movie, Russian Doll, ends at noon ET on May 30th (in just 4 days!)

And okay, maybe you’re not into movies. Books are probably more your thing, and I know you’re busy and you’re hit with a barrage of Very! Important! Emails! from a multitude of others besides me, so you’re thinking, “Yeah, Suz Brockmann, another movie, whatever, I don’t have time to read this–”

But wait, please, before you hit delete! Lemme give you some info in easy to read bullet points, complete with visual aids! (Also? Scroll down for an excerpt from ​Ready to Roll…)

  • I’m offering a boatload of reader-friendly backer rewards in my movie’s Kickstarter campaign that you cannot get anywhere else:

​​Signed (out of print!) hardcover edition of Hot Target (or Breaking Point, or Force of Nature, or All Through the Night) for just a $25 backer contribution to our movie! Price includes US shipping!

Signed limited print edition of Free Fall — a Troubleshooters short story usually only available in e-book format, for just a $20 backer contribution to Russian Doll. Price includes US shipping, PLUS I’ll throw in limited edition print booklets of my other TS shorts, When Tony Met Adam and Beginnings & Ends!

Signed limited print edition of Ready to Roll — my next TS short story featuring Navy SEAL Izzy Zanella and his extended family for just a $25 backer contribution, and yes, shipping is included for US readers. (P.S. Yes, RtoR will eventually be available in all e-formats, but this is your chance to get this story in print!)(All of the rewards are also available to international readers, but there’ll be an extra charge for shipping.)

Signed limited print editions of both Free Falland Ready to Roll​ with print editions of When Tony Met Adam and Beginnings & Ends as a bonus for just a $40 backer contribution, see top photo!

The Jules Cassidy Collection: Four signed (out of print!) hardcovers, plus all of the TS short print editions for just a $190 backer contribution! (See description above!)

Be a beta-reader for Ready to Roll. Part of my writing process involves emailing a first draft to a group of readers, and getting feedback from them. If you’ve ever wanted to beta-read (and get a Word doc of the story months before everyone else!), here’s your chance! The digital only “Be a Beta-Reader” is available for a $50 backer contribution. $75 gets you that first draft Word doc and a signed limited print edition, too.

  • There are other big $$$$ rewards available, too. (Writing critiques, Skype chats, lunch with me, lunch with me on set, have a house party and private screening of the movie, spend a day on the set as a featured extra…)  Info is over on our Kickstarter page.
  • Act fast, because the campaign ends on this Saturday, May 30th, at noon ET.  
  • Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site that allows movie makers and audiences to find each other in advance of production.
    • With Kickstarter, people can “back” a movie (and help with costs of production) in exchange for cool “rewards.”
    • Some of the projects I’ve personally backed include the Veronica Mars movie, a book co-written by William Shatner, a webseries called Fame Dogs that features strong female characters, and a musical project by my favorite female singer/songwriter Val Vigoda.
    • Movie making is insanely expensive, mainly because so many people need to be involved.
    • Our Kickstarter page includes a description of the film, plus my production company’s mission statement:

At small or LARGE Productions, we think the world is a far more diverse and interesting place than Hollywood blockbusters would have us believe.
Our mission is to create high quality, exciting, and entertaining movies featuring a universe where:

  • LGBTQ characters have leading roles that are never based on stereotypes
  • The main conflicts of our LGBTQ characters aren’t created by their sexual orientation
  • Female characters have leading roles that go beyond mother, wife, daughter, and/or woman-in-jeopardy
  • People of color have leading roles that are never based on stereotypes
  • A limited budget does not mean a compromised product

About Russian Doll:

  • Russian Doll is a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) ultra low budget feature length movie.
  • The script (a thriller) was written by Ed Gaffney.
  • The main character is an out lesbian police detective who takes on a perplexing missing persons case.
  • The heroine’s loving and supportive mom will be played by Kristine Sutherland (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • The movie will be filmed on high quality digital video during a fourteen-day shoot in Framingham and Concord, MA in July 2015.
  • Link to our Kickstarter:

About Ready to Roll:

  • Ready to Roll will be available for sale in all e-formats.  (Release date TBA)
  • I expect to have the first draft ready to send to beta-readers by December 2015.

Although Navy SEAL Izzy Zanella prefers “real world” assignments over his latest stint as a BUD/S instructor, he’s always happy to spend time in San Diego, sleeping in his own bed with his smart and sexy wife, Eden.  Izzy and Eden share custody of her teenage brother Ben, but while Eden’s older brother Dan and his wife Jenn are busy wrangling their newborn son, Ben’s with Izzy and Eden full-time. And while he’s no colicky infant, he somehow manages to keep getting suspended from high school for fighting. A bully’s been targeting him, but there’s clearly more to the situation than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Izzy’s also challenged by a new trio of young SEAL candidates who are going through BUD/S training’s punishing Hell Week… (Estimated length:  About 25,000 words or 100 pages)

Ready to Roll is the third of a connected trilogy of Troubleshooters short stories that starts with FREE FALL and continues in HOME FIRE INFERNO, the TS story included in the WAY OF THE WARRIOR military romance anthology.

Featuring: Navy SEALs Izzy Zanella, Dan Gillman, Mark Jenkins, and Tony Vlachic, and their spouses and partners Eden, Jenn, Lindsey, and Adam. Introducing Navy SEAL LT. Peter “Grunge” Greene, and Petty Officers and Navy SEAL candidates John “Seagull” Livingston, John “Hans” Schlossman, and Jon “Timebomb” Jackson.  (With special appearances from Sam Starrett, Alyssa Locke, and Robin Chadwick Cassidy.)

Location: San Diego, California

Excerpt from Ready to Roll:  

Hell Week started the way it always started, with a shit-ton of noise.  Artillery simulators boomed and bullhorns were utilized by the team of instructors as the current crop of SEAL candidates finished up their initial beach run.

Izzy didn’t have to be there–his shift didn’t start until morning–but he liked the visual that came from witnessing Hell Week day one, hour one.  This mental photograph of the hopeful mob of SEAL candidates humping it down the beach would be easily recalled in five and a half days.  Izzy could and would compare and contrast it to the sight of the few dozen men left barely-standing.  It would reinforce the SEAL adage of being one of the “few of the few.”

And that wasn’t an ego thing.

Okay, it was a teeny bit of an ego thing.  Hard not to be.

But it was most valuable when it came to welcoming new members to the team.  Izzy knew that even the youngest, greenest-seeming SEALs had pushed themselves over the edge and were highly skilled and well-qualified to stand beside him.

Tonight, however, it was Eden who was next to him, shivering slightly in the crisp night air.  It was date night, and it had actually been her idea to come out to the beach like this.  But because she was here, they weren’t down at the water–civilians had to keep their distance–but they had a good vantage point. Plus Izzy’d brought along a small pair of binocular-like NVGs–night vision glasses.

He handed them to Eden, so she could take a look as the class ended their run and went almost directly into the churning ocean.  Tide was coming in, which added to the suck-factor.

“So this is where they start to quit?” Eden asked as she scanned the beach.  “I mean, it makes sense.  It’s so cold.”  She glanced up at him and smiled, adding, “Shh!  Don’t tell me that this isn’t cold, because I know.  Jumping out of a helo into the North Sea is cold.  But I’m not talking Navy SEAL degrees.  I’m talking mere-mortal temperatures.”

Izzy put his arm around her, and she did that thing that he loved, where she seemed to melt, completely, against him.  He kissed her–it was hard not to when she was looking at him like that.  But she’d asked him a question, so he answered it.

“Yes,” he said as she shifted to lean back against him, his arms still around her as she looked through the lenses again.  “This is where the mere mortals start to quit.  The doubter who is also both an over-thinker and good at math will be the first to go.  He hit the cold water, and he’s sitting there right now, getting slammed by the breakers, and he’s thinking This is seriously bad, and it’s only an hour in.  And his math brain is going clickety-clickety-click.  Twenty-four hours in a day; five days, eleven hours left to endure; Five times twenty-four is one-twenty plus eleven equals one hundred and thirty ones hours, and soon he’ll think Screw this caca-doody or the crusty sailor equivalent, and he’ll push himself up and he’ll stagger out of the water and beeline it for the bell.  Ding, ding, ding, he’s done, done, done.  And his adiosing his ass out of there creates entropy.  Before this very moment, there has only been I will succeed.  But now all the other doubters and over-thinkers, regardless of their skill at math, are suddenly overwhelmed with doubt and fear.  Now there’s a pop-up bubble in their head going, Look!  Quitting’s an option!  As for the quitters–they’ve been waiting for this moment, and now it’s here.  And they’re going At least–thank God–I’m not the first.”

“What does that matter–their not being first?” Eden tipped her head back to ask.  “Quitting is quitting.”

“It’s a stupid guy thing,” Izzy told her, nuzzling her neck through her thick, sweet-smelling hair.  “Some guys think it stings less when you’re not the first.”

“And you really think that this time the lieutenant is wrong about the guy who’s going to quit first?”

“Grunge isn’t wrong very often,” Izzy admitted.  “But this time, yeah, he’s definitely missing something.”

Grunge had gone with his instincts and pegged Petty Officer John Livingston, aka Seagull, as Quitter Number One.  The other instructors had been ordered to help Seagull along, essentially by getting in the little dude’s face and increasing his self-doubt.

You’re not going to make it, Livingston!

    Do your boat team a favor by ringing out now!  Don’t make them drag your sorry ass along with them, Livingston!  Everyone on this beach knows you are never going to make it!

    You’re not strong enough, Livingston, you’re not tough enough, you’re not mean enough, you’re not man enough . . .

Izzy could see the bulk of the instructors, close to the end of the line of SEALS who were now sitting, elbows linked, in the frothing surf.  Seagull was down there.

“Whoops, we have movement,” Eden announced, handing over the NVGs so Izzy could see.

But when he aimed the lenses toward Seagull, she added, “Nope, other end.  Is it him?”

“Grunge’s pick?” Izzy clarified.  “No.”  Quitter Number One wasn’t Seagull.  Grunge was rarely off by much, so maybe Seagull would be Quitter Number Two.  Izzy aimed the lenses back and sure enough, the instructors were leaning hard on Seagull–still in his face.

    At least one of them–a SEAL named Carlos–had a bullhorn, and his words drifted clearly down the beach.  Be a patriot, Livingston, you know you’re not good enough!  You know you’ll never do this, so step aside so the real men can be SEALs!

Izzy was looking directly at Seagull and right at that moment, right after a wave broke over the SEAL candidates’ very cold heads, he had a clear shot of the man’s face.  And he could’ve sworn he saw Seagull smile.

It was just a little smile.  A private smile.  It was weird, for sure.

“Grunge was definitely wrong,” Izzy told Eden.  “Guy he picked as Quitter Number One isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.”

Link to the Kickstarter, where you can be a beta-reader — or get a limited print edition of Ready to Roll

Link to more info about Ready to Roll at my website:

P.S. Apologies for the strange-seeming font size changes. As much as I love my new e-newsletter hosting site, Tiny Letter, they are not Mac-friendly, and I didn’t have the time to break out my ancient PC laptop. Forgive me. (Thank you.)

P.P.S. For those of you who’ve followed the adventures of my dog, Little Joe, since last summer’s back injury, paralysis, recovery from surgery, and amazing rehab, she’s doing quite well! I’ve posted a video on my Facebook “Suzanne Brockmann Books” page that shows how well she’s doing!

Last but not least: Tri-State area residents (NY, NJ, CT!), mark your calendars!  RWA National is in NYC this July, and there is a HUGE booksigning scheduled for Wednesday, July 22nd at 5:30 p.m. (All books are donated, and all proceeds go to literacy programs!) I’ll be there (along with 800 of my romance author friends)!

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News From Suz Brockmann: 5/5/2015 (Happy WOTW Release Day!)

Originally sent via my enewletter at

Way of the Warrior is here!

Happy May 5th: It’s Way of the Warrior Release Day!  (Or at least it is, here in the eastern time zone!)

This charity anthology of military romances includes my newest Troubleshooters short story, Home Fire Inferno, featuring Navy SEALs Izzy Zanella and Danny Gillman — along with seven other fantastic stories from some really terrific writers, including Julie Ann Walker, Anne Elizabeth, ML Buchman, and Catherine Mann!

Way of the Warrior is available in both ebook and paperback, and all proceeds from all of the authors and the publisher will go to the Wounded Warrior Project!

If you’ve already pre-ordered, thank you! Your book or ebook is on its way! (Scroll down to see the gorgeous cover art!)

“(Way of the Warrior) is a must-read for every military romance fan.” — Publishers Weekly

“A heartfelt tribute to our military personnel and the sacrifices they and their families make. This anthology is a hands-down winner…” — Library Journal

Here are some quick links to Way of the Warrior at your favorite on-line bookseller:



Or find out more about the book at my website!

Just a few quick headlines today: 

  1. Facebook Party for Way of the Warrior! Join me and the other authors at a Facebook bash hosted by Sourcebooks, starting (with me!) from 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. ET.
  2. New England area readers: I’m also holding a (live, in person!) launch party for Way of the Warrior at the Bacon Free Library in South Natick, MA this evening (Tuesday, May 5, 2015) at 7:00 p.m.!
  3. The Kickstarter campaign for my next indie movie, Russian Doll has launched!
  4. Find out how to get a limited print edition of Ready to Rollthe third and final installment in the trilogy of Troubleshooters short stories that started with Free Fall and continued with WOTW’s Home Fire Inferno via my Kickstarter campaign for Russian Doll!

And here are the details: 

1) Facebook Party for Way of the Warrior
Join me — and the other amazing WOTW authors — at a Facebook bash hosted by Sourcebooks, starting at 2:30 p.m. ET. 
I’ll be there chatting and answering questions on the WOTW Facebook page from 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. ET, so drop by to say “Hi!” if you can! 
See the full authors schedule here! One of the authors will be on Facebook, from 2:30 p.m. ET through 6:30 p.m. ET!
Here’s the Way of the Warrior Launch Party link:
Hosted by Sourcebooks Casablanca

2) New England area readers: I’m holding another celebration for Way of the Warrior’s release at the Bacon Free Library in South Natick, MA this evening!
That’s today, Tuesday, May 5th, 2015, 7:00 p.m. ET
Bacon Free Library
Author talk & book signing with Suz Brockmann
58 Elliot Street, South Natick, MA 01760
Note:  I’m donating all of the books at this event and all proceeds from their sale will go to the Wounded Warrior Project. Also! This little library is housed in a building constructed in the 1800s. It’s gorgeous and quirky and really quite lovely! Come check it out! (I hope to see you there!)

3) The Kickstarter campaign for my movie, Russian Doll has launched!

I’m executive producing another movie this summer — this one’s a thriller called Russian Doll. You can find out ALL about the movie on our Kickstarter page at (Or go to and search for “Russian Doll.”) There’s a short video to watch, as well as a ton of info about the production, like:

  • We’re filming Russian Doll in two very short, very busy weeks this July in the Boston area
  • Kristine Sutherland (Joyce Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) has signed on to play the main character’s rather strong-willed mother
  • That main character is a female police detective, and the movie is filled with many other strong women, too
  • We’ve cast quite a bit of the film with local Boston actors
  • The script was written by my amazing husband and EDGAR Award Finalist Ed Gaffney

Making movies is both crazy and crazy expensive. So we’re using Kickstarter’s crowdsourcing to raise the last chunk of money that we need to make a truly high quality film.

Let me give you a quick crash course in Kickstarter 101. (Those of you who are familiar with Kickstarter, go ahead and skip down to the list of cool rewards below! Or follow the link above to pop on over to the site!)

For everyone still reading: 🙂

Kickstarter is a crowdsourcing site that allows people to set up campaigns to attract “backers” who will fund their creative projects in return for cool “rewards.” These campaigns tend to be short (30 or fewer days), and the campaign sets a financial goal that must be met by the last day of the campaign (or earlier!) or the project doesn’t get funded.

In this case, my family-run production company small or LARGE Productions and I are the people who have created a Kickstarter campaign to help support our latest SAG ultra-low budget indie feature-length movie, Russian Doll. (Making a high quality movie is possible but challenging with a micro-budget! The money we raise through Kickstarter will help enormously!)

So we’ve created a Kickstarter campaign for Russian Doll that will run from now through May 30th, and we’ve set our funding goal. Our job now is to attract “backers” — people who want to see Russian Doll get made and get unusual or exclusive “rewards.”

If you want to back the project, you have to go to Kickstarter and you have to select and “purchase” the reward you want to receive in exchange for your backer dollars, and pay for it like any other online purchase. But your credit card won’t get charged until the campaign ends on May 30th (at noon ET).

But here’s the thing: Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing deal. If we don’t get enough backers to hit our funding goal by May 30th, the campaign fails. And if the campaign fails, we don’t get the money, the backer’s credit cards aren’t charged — and all of the cool rewards vanish with a giant popping sound. (Okay, I made up the popping-sound part, but you get the idea!)

But if you back this project (thank you!) and enough other people also back this project, and we hit our funding goal by May 30th, then on May 30th, your credit card will get charged, we’ll have the $$$ to help fund our movie (THANK YOU!!), and we’ll work on getting your rewards to you ASAP.

We also stay connected to all of our backers during the filming of the movie. (We’re filming Russian Doll in early July in the Boston area!) As a backer, you’ll get updates and behind-the-scenes photos all through production and post-production — right up until we have your rewards ready to ship. (And even after that, as the movie is finished and is entered in festivals — we’ll let you know if there are any screenings that are local to you, and if we’re planning to attend, so we can say HELLO in person!)

So that’s how it works.

Obviously, the project creators (Ed and Jason and I) try to come up with super-neat-o rewards that make potential backers go, “Yeah, I kinda want that, plus the movie looks intriguing. This will be fun.”

We’ve got the standard movie-making rewards: A DVD of the finished film, a chance to come hangout on set, a signed DVD plus a PDF copy of the script …

But we’ve also created a set of rewards we hope will appeal specifically to you, my dear readers. Like:

  • signed copies of hardcover editions of some of my books
  • the “Jules Cassidy Collection” (signed hardcovers of Hot Target, Breaking Pint, Force of Nature and All through the Night, plus more…)
  • a print collector’s edition of Free Fall (which is otherwise only available in ebook and audio download)
  • a 30 minute Skype session with me in which we discuss Izzy, Buffy, Joss, Game of Thrones, Jules & Robin, (or your latest writing project!)
  • a critique of your manuscript
  • a limited print edition of my yet-to-be-released Troubleshooters short story, Ready to Roll.  (Cover art above!  Yes, that’s the cargo net from the SEAL BUD/S training O-course…)
  • a chance to be a beta-reader for Ready to Roll (There’s a limited number of this backer reward available, so jump on over to the site quickly if this makes you go “Hmm!”)
  • Give your name to a character in Ready to Roll. Be Ben Gillman’s guidance counselor, or a teenage girl in his class. Give your name (or a version of it!) to a Navy SEAL candidate who is medically rolled from BUD/S, or to a young woman trying to break free from an abusive relationship. (Again, act fast! There’re only four of these available!)
Backers can contribute any amount from $5 (for our heartfelt thanks!) to $10K (for a role in the movie with a line and a single-card end-credit), with many, many, many fun rewards in between!

Here’s that link to the Kickstarter page:

4) You now know how to get a limited print edition copy of Ready to Roll (through the Russian Doll Kickstarter!), but here’s a little more info about the story.

Ready to Roll is the final short-story installment of a trilogy of Troubleshooters shorts that started with Free Fall, and continues with Home Fire Inferno — available now (Now!) as part of the Way of the Warrior charity military romance anthology.

All three of these stories stand alone, but they all feature Navy SEALs Izzy Zanella and Danny Gillman and their new, combined extended family. And they’re all set relatively close together in time. Free Fall takes place about eight months after Breaking the Rules (TS #16, Izzy & Eden and Danny & Jenn’s book). Home Fire Inferno takes place a few weeks after Free Fall. And Ready to Roll takes place about a week after Home Fire Inferno.

There’s more information about Ready to Roll on the Kickstarter page — and on my website at . . .

Okay! Whew! That’s all the news!

Happy WAY OF THE WARRIOR Release Day!

Oh, one more thing? You can help tremendously by sharing the link to our Kickstarter page on Facebook, Twitter, or your favorite form of social media!  (And by spreading the world about WAY OF THE WARRIOR, too!)

Thank you SO much!

Love, Suz

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News from Suz: April 29, 2015 (Join my new e-newsletter list!)

Originally sent via my enewletter at


Hey! What the what? Suz Brockmann’s sending you an e-newsletter that includes cover art!

Yup. With Jason’s help, I pried my email newsletter list out of the rusty jaws of Yahoogroups, and brought it safely into 2015! (You may not have heard from me in a while because your email was tucking my Yahoogroup-alicious newsletters into your spam folder! I hope you’re well! I’ve been busy with a bunch o’ fun projects. More about that in a sec…)

It’s very nice and shiny here at Tiny Letter! I hope you’ll stay subscribed to my list, but if you feel the need to leave, there’s an easy-to-access UNSUBSCRIBE button down at the very end of this email.

But before you go: I’d love to share with you one last message about an upcoming book!  It’s called Way of the Warrior, and it’s an anthology of stories by eight military romance authors–of which I am one!

Not only is Way of the Warrior a great opportunity for you to discover other military romance authors, but your book-buying dollars will go directly to the Wounded Warrior Project.All proceeds from this charity anthology, from authors and publisher alike are going to that very worthy cause!

Way of the Warrior is available in paperback and ebook, from Sourcebooks.

My story is set in my Troubleshooters world and is called Home Fire Inferno.
Featured characters:
  Navy SEALs Izzy Zanella, Dan Gillman, Jay Lopez, Mark Jenkins, Senior Chief Stan Wolchonok (yes, Stan fans, the senior plays a role in this story, as does CO Jazz Jacquette!), and introducing Hospital Corpsman Hubert Bickles (aka the SEAL with the intriguing nickname HoboMofo); Eden Zanella, Jenn Gillman, Brianna Bickles, and Brianna’s 5th grade teacher and LOTR elf princess look-alike, Carol Redmond.
Location:  Manila, Philippines; San Diego and Obsidian Springs, California
Timeframe:  This Troubleshooters story tales place in January 2010, about eight months after the end of Breaking the Rules, and about two weeks after Free Fall, my latest TS series e-short.

Navy SEAL Dan Gillman’s wife, Jenn, goes into early labor while stranded in the California desert, as he and most of Team Sixteen are mission ready, overseas. Meanwhile, left behind with a recent knee injury and faced with impending surgery and rehab, Chief Jay Lopez decides that the timing might be exactly right for a romantic interlude with a pretty fifth grade teacher . . . High jinks *definitely* ensue. (12,000 words or about 50 pages)

Here’s an easy list of links for Way of the Warrior at various online booksellers:


Find out more about the book at my website!


I’m gonna attempt to be as brief as possible with the rest of my e-news.  (Shh, I hear you laughing! I said attempt.)

Here’re the headlines:

  1. New England area readers: I’m holding a launch party for Way of the Warriorat the Bacon Free Library in South Natick, MA on Tuesday, May 5, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.! (deets below)
  2. Advance Planners/Readers: The Romance Writers of America’s giant booksigning to support literacy programs is being held in NYC on Wednesday, July 22nd, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the New York Marriott Marquis!
  3. Advance Planners/Writers: RWA! NYC! July 22 – 25! I’m giving two workshops this year, one on diversity in romance with Farrah Rochon, and one on the writer/audiobook-narrator relationship with Patrick Lawlor! (deets below)
  4. ICYMI: My latest Troubleshooters e-short, Free Fall, (featuring Navy SEAL Izzy Zanella!) is available in all e-formats! Free Fall is the first installment of a connected trilogy of Troubleshooters short stories that continues in Home Fire Inferno, the TS story included in the Way of the Warrior military romance anthology, and concludes in an upcoming short called READY TO ROLL.
  5. I’m about to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a movie called Russian Dollthat I’ll be executive producing this summer. (But more about that in my next newsletter!)

Here’re the details:

1) Launch Party for Way of the Warrior
Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Bacon Free Library
Author talk & book signing: Suz Brockmann
58 Elliot Street, South Natick, MA 01760
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Note:  I’m donating all books at this event!  All proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project. Also? This little library is housed in a building constructed in the 1800s. It’s gorgeous and quirky and really quite lovely! Come check it out!

2) Wednesday, July 22, 2015: New York City, NY
Romance Writers of America National Conference Literacy Book Signing

Location: New York Marriott Marquis
1535 Broadway
New York, New York  10036
Time: 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Open to the public but visit RWA’s website for info and signing guidelines!
Note:  Join me and hundreds of your favorite romance authors at a HUGE book signing.  All proceeds support literacy programs.3) Thursday, July 23 – Saturday, July 25, 2015: New York City, NY
Romance Writers of America National Conference
Location: New York Marriott Marquis
1535 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
Note:  I’ll be presenting two workshops at RWA.  Come and say hello!

The Human Experience: Throwing Away Stereotypes and Creating Realistically Diverse Characters through Empathy (Craft)
Speakers: Suzanne Brockmann and Farrah Rochon
Saturday, July 25; 4:30 p.m.
Black, white, gay, straight, male, female: we’re all human. And if we start with the basics—the human heart—we can easily avoid stereotypes and instead create a rainbow of realistically diverse characters to people our novels.

The Author/Audiobook Narrator Collaboration (Industry)
Speakers: Suzanne Brockmann and Patrick Lawlor
Thursday, July 23; 11:00 a.m.
A New York Times best-selling author and an award-winning audiobook narrator talk about how to find the right narrator not only to excite readers, but also to improve your writing and storytelling skills.

4) In Case You Missed It:  Here’s the blurb from Free Fall:  What should be an easy HAHO training jump for SEAL Team Sixteen goes wrong, forcing Izzy Zanella to do what he does best: Improvise.  At thirty thousand feet. 
About 12,000 words or 50 pages
vailable in ebook and in audio download read by Patrick Lawlor and Melanie Ewbank
Featuring: Navy SEALs Izzy Zanella and Tony Vlachic, their spouses and partners Eden and Adam, as well as Eden’s teenage brother Ben Gillman.
Location: San Diego, California; and Manila, Philippines
Timeframe: Free Fall takes place about eight months after the end of Breaking the Rules (TS #16)

5) Here’s the link to Russian Doll‘s website. Our Kickstarter campaign should go live on or around May 3rd and run through May 30th. I’ve created quite a few reader-friendly rewards for backers! More details coming soon!

Thank you for your time and attention!

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News from Suz: Dec. 22, 2014: A Holiday Intervention with Navy SEAL Dan Gillman

Free FallDanny Gillman (whispering to you):  Hey.  Yeah.  Over here. (wiping clear steamed up mirror) Hi.  It’s me.  Dan.  (tightens towel around his waist)  And yes, I’m talking to you from the bathroom.  It’s the only place where I know for sure that I’ll be alone over this crazy holiday week.  I’ve started taking *really* long showers.

Izzy’s voice (loudly singing from the living room):  Fa leh la leh LAH!  Leh-LAH LAH LAH!

Danny:  Yup.  (continues shaving in the bathroom sink) We’re here visiting Jenn’s parents for the holidays.  All of us.  Ben and Eden and Zanella, too.  At first it was just gonna be Jenn and me, but this is Ben’s first holiday season with all of us, so . . . Here we are.  ALL of us.  And don’t get me wrong.  I get it — I do.  SEAL Team Sixteen could go wheels up any day — any minute.  And Zanella and I are both Stateside this year.  God only knows where we’ll be next year.  (rinses and wipes face with another towel) So I wanted to give Jenn this family time, and I know she’s really loving it . . .

Izzy’s voice (loudly singing from the living room, falsetto-ed, a la a boy soprano):  The-uh fir-erst No-oh-ell thee-ee angels did say…!

Danny:  But holy freaking God.  (starts perusing the collection of hair care products crowding the counter top)  We’re all camped out in the playroom, because Jenn’s brothers are home to visit, too.  (Picks one, sniffs it, then squeezes some into his hand, and applies it to his hair)  And at least Jenn and I get the pullout couch, but *damn.*   And again, I’m not saying it hasn’t been fun, but you know how holidays can be.  It’s so flipping *relentless*.

Izzy’s voice (loudly singing from the living room, operatic basso profundo):  OHHH, HOHHH-LY NIGHT!  THE STARS ARE BRIGHTLY SHIIIIII-NING!

Danny:  (just looking at you in the mirror)

Another voice joins Izzy (in harmony):  FALL!  ON YOUR KNEEEEEEEEES!!!!

Danny (deadpan):  Oh, good.  Uncle Frank is singing now, too.  (leans closer to the mirror, lowers voice)  Look.  The holidays are great, but let’s face it — they’re not without stress.  If you need to take a break, don’t be afraid to lock yourself in the bathroom and do a little meditation.  Or better yet, bring your e-reader.  Take a time-out.  If you want to, you can spend it with SEAL Team Sixteen.  Suz’s latest Troubleshooters short story, FREE FALL, is available for download just in time for the holidays.  It’s a quick read — it’s about 50 pages long — around 12K words.  The perfect length for a mini-escape.  Izzy’s in it, I’m in it, Tony V is in it, so’s his fiancé Adam.  Eden and Jenn are in it — so’s Ben.  You’ll find out a little bit about how he’s adjusting to life in his new high school in San Diego.  And of course the main story focuses on a SEAL HAHO training jump.  Mr. Murphy’s along for the ride, so hijinx ensue.  But Murphy’s no match for Zanella.  As much as I bitch about the guy, I like knowing he’s there.  Because I know he’s always got my six.

Izzy’s voice (loudly singing from the living room):  But doooo youuuu recall! The most famous reindeeeer of all…!  (his voice gets louder as he approaches bathroom door and bangs on it)  Yo, Danbo!  You coming out any time soon?  I gots to whiz!

Dan (pulling on his clothes, calling back):  I’ll be out in a sec!  (looking back at you, whispers)  Or you can always take your e-reader, say you’re going for a walk, and then go sit in the car or maybe hide in the basement or…

Izzy’s voice:  Hurry up, brah!  We’re about to start an epic game of Settlers of Catan!  The Star Trek version!  And I know you want in on that magic!

Dan (whispering):  He’s right.  I do.  But I also know that it’s gonna get loud.

Izzy’s voice (banging — boom, boom, boom):  DANNY!  (as if he’s calling for Stella)  DANNY!!!!

Dan (whispering):  Louder.  I’m sure I’ll be back in here later, in an attempt to recover from all the fun.  (saluting you) Stay alive, whatever you do.  Oh, here’s the blurb for FREE FALL — and links to where you can download it.  Happy and merry and ho ho ho.  (takes deep breath, squares shoulders and opens the bathroom door.)

FREE FALL:  What should be an easy HAHO training jump for SEAL Team Sixteen goes wrong, forcing Navy SEAL Izzy Zanella to do what he does best: Improvise.  At thirty thousand feet.  (About 12,000 words or 50 pages)

Suzanne Brockmann, bestselling author of the pulse-pounding Troubleshooters series, has been hailed by USA Today as a “superstar of romantic suspense.” In this original short story, available exclusively as an eBook, Brockmann returns with some of her most beloved characters from the Troubleshooters world: Izzy Zanella and his friends in U.S. Navy SEAL Team Sixteen.

Kobo link to FREE FALL:

Nook link to FREE FALL:

Kindle link to FREE FALL:

And Kindle UK:

Kindle JP:

Kindle Canada:

(Coming soon:  iBooks and GoogleBooks!)

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News from Suz: A Conversation with Navy SEALs Izzy, Lopez, Jenk, Dan, & Tony

Way of the WarriorNews from Suz Brockmann

September 22, 2014

A conversation with Navy SEALs Izzy Zanella, Jay Lopez, Mark Jenkins, Danny Gillman, and Tony Vlachic.

Izzy:  Guys!  Guys guys guys!  Check out this upcoming book called THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR!  (turning to look at YOU) You can check it out over on Suz’s facebook page, at  Pop over to look at it, then come right back.  I’ll wait….  (pause)  Welcome back!  Nice cover, huh?  This is an anthology of stories written by a bunch o’ awesome military romance authors, including our Goddess Suz.  

Lopez:  Yeah, Iz, shhh, don’t.  She doesn’t like it when you call her that.  You really don’t want to piss her off.

Izzy:  I’m safe.  I’ve won my HEA.

Lopez:  But I haven’t, so…shhh.

Jenk:  Whoa, look at that long list of authors.  Cathy Mann, Julie Ann Walker, Anne Elizabeth, Tina Wainscott, ML Buchman, Kate Serine, Lea Griffith… Nice.

Izzy:  Yup. Nicest of all is that fact that all proceeds — from all those authors, and from the publisher, too — are gonna go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Danny:  What?  That’s great.

Izzy:  Yup.  Props to Julie Ann Walker.  It was her idea.

Tony (clears throat):  That IS a really great cover.

Izzy:  Yup.  Nice picture of moi, amiright?

(Silence.  Crickets might chirp.  Then, all speaking at once…)

Danny (scornfully):  Zanella, that’s  definitely not you.

Jenk: Dude, you know I love you, but I don’t really think that’s you.  Your hair’s darker.  And shorter.

Lopez (diplomatically): I’m… not sure that’s supposed to be you, Iz.

Tony: Actually, guys, I think that might be Adam.  He did some cover model work a few years ago…

Izzy: Right now it’s shorter.  My hair.  But it grows.  It’s grown.  And it’s the way it’s lit that makes it look lighter on the cover.  I mean, it’s obviously been touched up and airbrushed.  They took out the tattoos and scars and other identifying marks.  Because of me being active duty.

Danny: You know, now that you say that? I think it’s me.  Because you know, the Troubleshooters Team Sixteen story that’s in that anthology IS kind of about me.

Izzy: No, Dan, I mean, yes, you’re right, you’re in the story and the fact that you got Jenn pregnant at the end of BREAKING THE RULES is mondo important since the story is set about eight and a half months later, but (whispers) Suz has been telling everyone that this story features me.

Lopez (reasonable):  And me.  Remember, the story in THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR is called HOME FIRE INFERNO, as in “Keep the home fires burning.”  It takes place a few weeks after (SPOILER REMOVED) in FREE FALL.  So, because of THAT, you guys go wheels up, but I stay home.

Free FallIzzy (turning to look at YOU): In case you haven’t heard, FREE FALL is a TS short story that Suz is giving away in a special limited edition printed booklet as an extra for her NIGHT SKY virtual signing.  More about that in a bit, but if you’re curious, you can check out the cover and a brief blur for FREE FALL at

Jenk:  Well, I’m in both stories, but that’s definitely not me on the cover of THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR. I’m thinking Tony’s right and that’s Adam.

Tony: We’re all in both stories.  They go together.  I mean, you don’t need to read FREE FALL to have HOME FIRE INFERNO feel complete, but Suz told me they were parts one and two in a trilogy of shorts that she was writing.  The third one features Ben — and yes, more Izzy.  And Adam and me, too.

Danny:  Ben, like my little brother Ben?  Like my still-in-high-school little brother Ben?

Izzy:  Like your taller-than-you “little” brother Ben.

Jenk: He’s only sixteen, and he’s already 6’3”.  He’s freakishly tall.  Give him another month and he’ll be taller than you, too, Iz.

Danny:  If Ben’s in the third story, then I probably am, too.

Izzy: Unless we’re both deployed.

Lopez: We all might be deployed.  Unless the third story’s set right after FREE FALL and HOME FIRE INFERNO and I’m still (SPOILER REMOVED).  God, that’s frustrating.  I hate it when you guys deploy without me.

Izzy (gasping)  Lopez said HATE.

Lopez (mildly):  I don’t hate much, but I definitely hate being left behind.

Tony:  Hey, guys?  Maybe the man on the cover of THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR is supposed to be a Marine or maybe even Air Force.  You know Cathy Mann’s got a story in there, too.

Izzy:  In my next life, I want to come back as one of Cathy Mann’s foster dogs.

Tony:  Yeah, Adam was talking about maybe getting a dog, and I told him to follow Cathy on Facebook, see who she’s fostering now.  She’s freaking amazing.

Danny:  I’m pretty sure that’s a SEAL on that cover.

Lopez:  Well, we KNOW it’s a SEAL on the cover of FREE FALL.

Izzy:  Yes!  It’s me!  Suz has said that it’s me!

Danny (looking at that cover): The silhouetted guy in the foreground or the silhouetted guy in the background?

Izzy:  Foreground.  The guy in the background could be any one of you.  You’re all in FREE FALL.

Lopez:  Yeah, I know I’m in FREE FALL.  (sadly)  That’s where (SPOILER REMOVED).

Jenk:  So the first short story featuring SEAL Team Sixteen is called FREE FALL, and it’s available in a limited edition printed booklet being given away as a bonus “Extra” as part of Suz’s NIGHT SKY virtual signing, which is open for orders from now until October 3rd.  That’s the way readers can get a printed version of this short.  Here’s the link to the VS:

Izzy:  FREE FALL has that gorgeous cover that is definitely featuring moi, participating in a HAHO jump, hence the name of the story.  Suz reports that that the story is 12K words, and about 50 manuscript pages, which works out to 24 booklet pages with size ten font and skinny, skinny margins.  (The booklet is 8.5” x 5.5”)

Jenk: Printing a short is expensive.

Izzy:  No shit!  And for readers who prefer their heaping serving of Zanella in an e-short, Suz reports that FREE FALL will be available for sale in all e-formats in December.  Although she might have to get Chief Karmody to help her get the story up online.

Jenk: So FREE FALL, available now through the virtual signing.

Izzy: Yup.  Oh, and also readers who come to one of Suz and her NIGHT SKY co-author and daughter Melanie’s in-store events in October can pick up a copy of FREE FALL with NIGHT SKY — get both of ‘em signed in person.  So that’s another way to get the limited edition printed FREE FALL booklet.

Danny:  Ben’s reading NIGHT SKY right now.  It’s YA paranormal.

Jenk:  NIGHT SKY got a starred review from Kirkus.  That means they loved it.  Got some great cover quotes from Melissa Marr, PC Cast and Gena Showalter, too.

Danny:  Ben’s loving it, too.  Jenn’s reading it next.  Then me.

Izzy (distracted):  You read YA?

Danny:  I read.  And yes, okay, I read YA.  I want to know what Ben’s reading.  I want to be able to talk to him.

Izzy (trying to kiss Dan):  I love you, you big, soft, gooey lug, you know that?

Danny (faux-slapping Izzy away):  Don’t be an idiot.  Jesus.

Izzy: You’re a good brother, and you’re gonna be an awesome daddy.

Danny:  Jesus, I hope so…

Lopez:  Keep breathing, Dan. Don’t hyperventilate again.

Izzy (back to YOU):  If you want to get FREE FALL signed, in person, Suz and Mel are doing events in Framingham, MA; and Sarasota, Tampa and Venice, Florida.  You can check out their schedule on Suz’s website.

Jenk:  And the SECOND story in this trilogy of shorts is called HOME FIRE INFERNO–

Izzy (singing) Burn, baby, burn!  (spoken)  That’s actually the subtitle.  The short is called HOME FIRE INFERNO (Burn, Baby, Burn!)  Get it?

Jenk: HOME FIRE INFERNO (Burn, Baby, Burn!) is part of that charity anthology called THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR, and it’s coming out in e-book and paperback in April from Sourcebooks, with ALL proceeds benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project.  Suz reports that her story is about 12K words and that in addition to featuring all of us who are here right now, it also features the SEAL who’s nicknamed HoboMofo.

Izzy (delighted):  Hobe!  Yes!

Lopez:  I don’t know HoboMofo very well.  His real name’s Bert, right?  Bert Bickles?

Jenk: Chief Hubert Bickles, yeah.  He’s a hospital corpsman.

Lopez:  Like me. Which is why I don’t know him that well. (pause) Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Izzy:  Because we keep pissing off our Goddess Suz, and since you’re the only one who’s single…

Lopez (sadly):  I’m the one who pays the piper.  That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you so, shhhh with the Goddess thing!

Danny:  What does that even mean, “pay the piper?”

Jenk:  Ferd McTurd, the FNG?  He’s single.

Tony: He’s also, like, twelve.

Izzy: Said the tadpole who’s barely thirteen himself.

Danny:  Also?  Ferd McTurd?  Not a great name for a romance hero.

Jenk:  That’s not his real name.

Danny:  I know that’s not his real name, but nicknames tend to stick.  Hello, HoboMofo?

Izzy:  Ah, that’s one of the greatest nicknames of all time.

Danny: It’s too long.  We’re always shortening it.  We call him Hobe, we call him Mohf, we call him Bo–

Izzy: Nobody calls him Bo.

Danny:  Well, you call him ‘Fo.

Izzy:  ‘Fo, yes, but not Bo.   And definitely never, ever “Ho.”

Danny: But what good is a nickname that’s too long?  I mean, HoboMofo takes forever to say.  It needs to be shortened.  For the love of God, just call the guy Bert.  If that’s his name.

Lopez:  I *think* that’s his name.

Jenk:  Hubert.  It’s his name.  Or you could call him Chief.

Izzy:  (Turning to look at YOU)  This scintillating conversation is going to continue for awhile, so let’s end this here.  Check out the cover for FREE FALL and then the cover for THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR.  That’s me on FREE FALL.  I’ll let you decide who’s on the cover of TWOTW.   So mark your calendars for April 2015 for TWOTW, and for December 2014 for FREE FALL.  And Suz’s virtual signing is currently open for those of you who want a hard copy of FREE FALL that you can hold in your hands and perhaps even hug or kiss or caress–

Danny: Jesus, Zanella.

Izzy:  I’m kidding.  They know I’m kidding.  (looking back at YOU)  You know I’m kidding.  Also about the cover art thing.  Especially about the cover art thing. I know that’s not me.  I got way too many scars, and my hair’s much darker than that guy’s.  Also, yeah, the tatts… I mean, sure, they could airbrush ‘em, but… I think Tony’s right and it’s Adam.  But whoever this dude is, he’s doing us all proud, and he’s helping raise money for a very important cause.  Okay.  Links to various things below.  Thank you for your time and attention.  Z out.

Night Sky Virtual Signing (with free extra FREE FALL printed booklet):

Suz and Mel’s October appearances:

More about FREE FALL:

More about NIGHT SKY:

More about The Wounded Warrior Project: 


  • DANGEROUS DESTINY, the Night Sky Series Prequel, in all e-formats from Sourcebooks Fire, (still!) available for FREE for a limited time (and coming in audio from Blackstone, read by Melanie Brockmann, 10/7/2014)
  • DO OR DIE, in paperback and ebook from Ballantine books, and in audio from Blackstone (read by Patrick Lawlor and Melanie Ewbank), 9/30/2014
  • NIGHT SKY, YA paranormal co-written with Melanie Brockmann, in hardcover and e-book from Sourcebooks Fire, and in audio from Blackstone (read by Melanie Brockmann), 10/7/2014
  • FREE FALL, a Troubleshooters short story featuring Navy SEAL Izzy Zanella, available in a limited edition print booklet as an extra with the NIGHT SKY virtual signing (orders open through Oct. 3rd), and on sale as an e-short, 12/2014
  • THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR, a military romance anthology with Catherine Mann, Julie Ann Walker, Anne Elizabeth, et al, with all proceeds going to The Wounded Warrior Project, in paperback and e-book from Sourcebooks, 4/2015
  • HEADED FOR TROUBLE, still available in paperback, ebook, and audio

Dangerous Destiny

Night Sky

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