Out of Body

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Cool things I want you to know about OUT OF BODY:

  • OUT OF BODY stars Jason T. Gaffney (Analysis Paralysis, The Perfect Wedding, Russian Doll) and Kevin Held (Analysis Paralysis, Longhorns).
  • The movie is 1 hour and 44 minutes long.
  • The screenplay was co-written by me and director and star Jason T. Gaffney.
  • If indie movies had ratings, OUT OF BODY would be rated R for language and sexual situations.
  • It was filmed in twelve crazy and intense days, in California, with a very small but dedicated cast and crew.
  • You can watch a trailer below or on Vimeo at https://vimeo.com/568163815
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  • The two stars of OUT OF BODY, Kevin Held and Jason T. Gaffney, co-host an amazingly funny weekly history/comedy podcast called The Bright Side with Kevin and Jason
  • Kevin and Jason also narrate the Blackstone audiobook of the novelization of OUT OF BODY
  • Out of Body is available as a novel (in print and ebook), an audiobook (from Blackstone Audio), and a movie!
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