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Way of the Warrior is here!

Happy May 5th: It’s Way of the Warrior Release Day!  (Or at least it is, here in the eastern time zone!)

This charity anthology of military romances includes my newest Troubleshooters short story, Home Fire Inferno, featuring Navy SEALs Izzy Zanella and Danny Gillman — along with seven other fantastic stories from some really terrific writers, including Julie Ann Walker, Anne Elizabeth, ML Buchman, and Catherine Mann!

Way of the Warrior is available in both ebook and paperback, and all proceeds from all of the authors and the publisher will go to the Wounded Warrior Project!

If you’ve already pre-ordered, thank you! Your book or ebook is on its way! (Scroll down to see the gorgeous cover art!)

“(Way of the Warrior) is a must-read for every military romance fan.” — Publishers Weekly

“A heartfelt tribute to our military personnel and the sacrifices they and their families make. This anthology is a hands-down winner…” — Library Journal

Here are some quick links to Way of the Warrior at your favorite on-line bookseller:

iBooks: http://apple.co/1D5mIKa 
Kindle: http://amzn.to/1Kv5LM9
Nook: http://bit.ly/1FvufAB
Kobo: http://bit.ly/1Fu8hD6
GooglePlay: http://bit.ly/1cjuyHv

IndieBound: http://bit.ly/1JBQtrl
B&N: http://bit.ly/1FvufAB
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1Gy5au7

Or find out more about the book at my website!

Just a few quick headlines today: 

  1. Facebook Party for Way of the Warrior! Join me and the other authors at a Facebook bash hosted by Sourcebooks, starting (with me!) from 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. ET.
  2. New England area readers: I’m also holding a (live, in person!) launch party for Way of the Warrior at the Bacon Free Library in South Natick, MA this evening (Tuesday, May 5, 2015) at 7:00 p.m.!
  3. The Kickstarter campaign for my next indie movie, Russian Doll has launched!
  4. Find out how to get a limited print edition of Ready to Rollthe third and final installment in the trilogy of Troubleshooters short stories that started with Free Fall and continued with WOTW’s Home Fire Inferno via my Kickstarter campaign for Russian Doll!

And here are the details: 

1) Facebook Party for Way of the Warrior
Join me — and the other amazing WOTW authors — at a Facebook bash hosted by Sourcebooks, starting at 2:30 p.m. ET. 
I’ll be there chatting and answering questions on the WOTW Facebook page from 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. ET, so drop by to say “Hi!” if you can! 
See the full authors schedule here! One of the authors will be on Facebook, from 2:30 p.m. ET through 6:30 p.m. ET!
Here’s the Way of the Warrior Launch Party link: https://www.facebook.com/events/534816216656341/
Hosted by Sourcebooks Casablanca

2) New England area readers: I’m holding another celebration for Way of the Warrior’s release at the Bacon Free Library in South Natick, MA this evening!
That’s today, Tuesday, May 5th, 2015, 7:00 p.m. ET
Bacon Free Library
Author talk & book signing with Suz Brockmann
58 Elliot Street, South Natick, MA 01760
Note:  I’m donating all of the books at this event and all proceeds from their sale will go to the Wounded Warrior Project. Also! This little library is housed in a building constructed in the 1800s. It’s gorgeous and quirky and really quite lovely! Come check it out! (I hope to see you there!)

3) The Kickstarter campaign for my movie, Russian Doll has launched!

I’m executive producing another movie this summer — this one’s a thriller called Russian Doll. You can find out ALL about the movie on our Kickstarter page at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/suzannebrockmann/russian-doll-a-feature-film. (Or go to Kickstarter.com and search for “Russian Doll.”) There’s a short video to watch, as well as a ton of info about the production, like:

  • We’re filming Russian Doll in two very short, very busy weeks this July in the Boston area
  • Kristine Sutherland (Joyce Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) has signed on to play the main character’s rather strong-willed mother
  • That main character is a female police detective, and the movie is filled with many other strong women, too
  • We’ve cast quite a bit of the film with local Boston actors
  • The script was written by my amazing husband and EDGAR Award Finalist Ed Gaffney

Making movies is both crazy and crazy expensive. So we’re using Kickstarter’s crowdsourcing to raise the last chunk of money that we need to make a truly high quality film.

Let me give you a quick crash course in Kickstarter 101. (Those of you who are familiar with Kickstarter, go ahead and skip down to the list of cool rewards below! Or follow the link above to pop on over to the site!)

For everyone still reading: 🙂

Kickstarter is a crowdsourcing site that allows people to set up campaigns to attract “backers” who will fund their creative projects in return for cool “rewards.” These campaigns tend to be short (30 or fewer days), and the campaign sets a financial goal that must be met by the last day of the campaign (or earlier!) or the project doesn’t get funded.

In this case, my family-run production company small or LARGE Productions and I are the people who have created a Kickstarter campaign to help support our latest SAG ultra-low budget indie feature-length movie, Russian Doll. (Making a high quality movie is possible but challenging with a micro-budget! The money we raise through Kickstarter will help enormously!)

So we’ve created a Kickstarter campaign for Russian Doll that will run from now through May 30th, and we’ve set our funding goal. Our job now is to attract “backers” — people who want to see Russian Doll get made and get unusual or exclusive “rewards.”

If you want to back the project, you have to go to Kickstarter and you have to select and “purchase” the reward you want to receive in exchange for your backer dollars, and pay for it like any other online purchase. But your credit card won’t get charged until the campaign ends on May 30th (at noon ET).

But here’s the thing: Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing deal. If we don’t get enough backers to hit our funding goal by May 30th, the campaign fails. And if the campaign fails, we don’t get the money, the backer’s credit cards aren’t charged — and all of the cool rewards vanish with a giant popping sound. (Okay, I made up the popping-sound part, but you get the idea!)

But if you back this project (thank you!) and enough other people also back this project, and we hit our funding goal by May 30th, then on May 30th, your credit card will get charged, we’ll have the $$$ to help fund our movie (THANK YOU!!), and we’ll work on getting your rewards to you ASAP.

We also stay connected to all of our backers during the filming of the movie. (We’re filming Russian Doll in early July in the Boston area!) As a backer, you’ll get updates and behind-the-scenes photos all through production and post-production — right up until we have your rewards ready to ship. (And even after that, as the movie is finished and is entered in festivals — we’ll let you know if there are any screenings that are local to you, and if we’re planning to attend, so we can say HELLO in person!)

So that’s how it works.

Obviously, the project creators (Ed and Jason and I) try to come up with super-neat-o rewards that make potential backers go, “Yeah, I kinda want that, plus the movie looks intriguing. This will be fun.”

We’ve got the standard movie-making rewards: A DVD of the finished film, a chance to come hangout on set, a signed DVD plus a PDF copy of the script …

But we’ve also created a set of rewards we hope will appeal specifically to you, my dear readers. Like:

  • signed copies of hardcover editions of some of my books
  • the “Jules Cassidy Collection” (signed hardcovers of Hot Target, Breaking Pint, Force of Nature and All through the Night, plus more…)
  • a print collector’s edition of Free Fall (which is otherwise only available in ebook and audio download)
  • a 30 minute Skype session with me in which we discuss Izzy, Buffy, Joss, Game of Thrones, Jules & Robin, (or your latest writing project!)
  • a critique of your manuscript
  • a limited print edition of my yet-to-be-released Troubleshooters short story, Ready to Roll.  (Cover art above!  Yes, that’s the cargo net from the SEAL BUD/S training O-course…)
  • a chance to be a beta-reader for Ready to Roll (There’s a limited number of this backer reward available, so jump on over to the site quickly if this makes you go “Hmm!”)
  • Give your name to a character in Ready to Roll. Be Ben Gillman’s guidance counselor, or a teenage girl in his class. Give your name (or a version of it!) to a Navy SEAL candidate who is medically rolled from BUD/S, or to a young woman trying to break free from an abusive relationship. (Again, act fast! There’re only four of these available!)
Backers can contribute any amount from $5 (for our heartfelt thanks!) to $10K (for a role in the movie with a line and a single-card end-credit), with many, many, many fun rewards in between!

Here’s that link to the Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/suzannebrockmann/russian-doll-a-feature-film

4) You now know how to get a limited print edition copy of Ready to Roll (through the Russian Doll Kickstarter!), but here’s a little more info about the story.

Ready to Roll is the final short-story installment of a trilogy of Troubleshooters shorts that started with Free Fall, and continues with Home Fire Inferno — available now (Now!) as part of the Way of the Warrior charity military romance anthology.

All three of these stories stand alone, but they all feature Navy SEALs Izzy Zanella and Danny Gillman and their new, combined extended family. And they’re all set relatively close together in time. Free Fall takes place about eight months after Breaking the Rules (TS #16, Izzy & Eden and Danny & Jenn’s book). Home Fire Inferno takes place a few weeks after Free Fall. And Ready to Roll takes place about a week after Home Fire Inferno.

There’s more information about Ready to Roll on the Kickstarter page — and on my website at . . .


Okay! Whew! That’s all the news!

Happy WAY OF THE WARRIOR Release Day!

Oh, one more thing? You can help tremendously by sharing the link to our Kickstarter page on Facebook, Twitter, or your favorite form of social media!  (And by spreading the world about WAY OF THE WARRIOR, too!)

Thank you SO much!

Love, Suz