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September 22, 2014

A conversation with Navy SEALs Izzy Zanella, Jay Lopez, Mark Jenkins, Danny Gillman, and Tony Vlachic.

Izzy:  Guys!  Guys guys guys!  Check out this upcoming book called THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR!  (turning to look at YOU) You can check it out over on Suz’s facebook page, at http://on.fb.me/1tVT0Up  Pop over to look at it, then come right back.  I’ll wait….  (pause)  Welcome back!  Nice cover, huh?  This is an anthology of stories written by a bunch o’ awesome military romance authors, including our Goddess Suz.  

Lopez:  Yeah, Iz, shhh, don’t.  She doesn’t like it when you call her that.  You really don’t want to piss her off.

Izzy:  I’m safe.  I’ve won my HEA.

Lopez:  But I haven’t, so…shhh.

Jenk:  Whoa, look at that long list of authors.  Cathy Mann, Julie Ann Walker, Anne Elizabeth, Tina Wainscott, ML Buchman, Kate Serine, Lea Griffith… Nice.

Izzy:  Yup. Nicest of all is that fact that all proceeds — from all those authors, and from the publisher, too — are gonna go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Danny:  What?  That’s great.

Izzy:  Yup.  Props to Julie Ann Walker.  It was her idea.

Tony (clears throat):  That IS a really great cover.

Izzy:  Yup.  Nice picture of moi, amiright?

(Silence.  Crickets might chirp.  Then, all speaking at once…)

Danny (scornfully):  Zanella, that’s  definitely not you.

Jenk: Dude, you know I love you, but I don’t really think that’s you.  Your hair’s darker.  And shorter.

Lopez (diplomatically): I’m… not sure that’s supposed to be you, Iz.

Tony: Actually, guys, I think that might be Adam.  He did some cover model work a few years ago…

Izzy: Right now it’s shorter.  My hair.  But it grows.  It’s grown.  And it’s the way it’s lit that makes it look lighter on the cover.  I mean, it’s obviously been touched up and airbrushed.  They took out the tattoos and scars and other identifying marks.  Because of me being active duty.

Danny: You know, now that you say that? I think it’s me.  Because you know, the Troubleshooters Team Sixteen story that’s in that anthology IS kind of about me.

Izzy: No, Dan, I mean, yes, you’re right, you’re in the story and the fact that you got Jenn pregnant at the end of BREAKING THE RULES is mondo important since the story is set about eight and a half months later, but (whispers) Suz has been telling everyone that this story features me.

Lopez (reasonable):  And me.  Remember, the story in THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR is called HOME FIRE INFERNO, as in “Keep the home fires burning.”  It takes place a few weeks after (SPOILER REMOVED) in FREE FALL.  So, because of THAT, you guys go wheels up, but I stay home.

Free FallIzzy (turning to look at YOU): In case you haven’t heard, FREE FALL is a TS short story that Suz is giving away in a special limited edition printed booklet as an extra for her NIGHT SKY virtual signing.  More about that in a bit, but if you’re curious, you can check out the cover and a brief blur for FREE FALL at https://suzannebrockmann.com/books/e-shorts/free-fall/

Jenk:  Well, I’m in both stories, but that’s definitely not me on the cover of THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR. I’m thinking Tony’s right and that’s Adam.

Tony: We’re all in both stories.  They go together.  I mean, you don’t need to read FREE FALL to have HOME FIRE INFERNO feel complete, but Suz told me they were parts one and two in a trilogy of shorts that she was writing.  The third one features Ben — and yes, more Izzy.  And Adam and me, too.

Danny:  Ben, like my little brother Ben?  Like my still-in-high-school little brother Ben?

Izzy:  Like your taller-than-you “little” brother Ben.

Jenk: He’s only sixteen, and he’s already 6’3”.  He’s freakishly tall.  Give him another month and he’ll be taller than you, too, Iz.

Danny:  If Ben’s in the third story, then I probably am, too.

Izzy: Unless we’re both deployed.

Lopez: We all might be deployed.  Unless the third story’s set right after FREE FALL and HOME FIRE INFERNO and I’m still (SPOILER REMOVED).  God, that’s frustrating.  I hate it when you guys deploy without me.

Izzy (gasping)  Lopez said HATE.

Lopez (mildly):  I don’t hate much, but I definitely hate being left behind.

Tony:  Hey, guys?  Maybe the man on the cover of THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR is supposed to be a Marine or maybe even Air Force.  You know Cathy Mann’s got a story in there, too.

Izzy:  In my next life, I want to come back as one of Cathy Mann’s foster dogs.

Tony:  Yeah, Adam was talking about maybe getting a dog, and I told him to follow Cathy on Facebook, see who she’s fostering now.  She’s freaking amazing.

Danny:  I’m pretty sure that’s a SEAL on that cover.

Lopez:  Well, we KNOW it’s a SEAL on the cover of FREE FALL.

Izzy:  Yes!  It’s me!  Suz has said that it’s me!

Danny (looking at that cover): The silhouetted guy in the foreground or the silhouetted guy in the background?

Izzy:  Foreground.  The guy in the background could be any one of you.  You’re all in FREE FALL.

Lopez:  Yeah, I know I’m in FREE FALL.  (sadly)  That’s where (SPOILER REMOVED).

Jenk:  So the first short story featuring SEAL Team Sixteen is called FREE FALL, and it’s available in a limited edition printed booklet being given away as a bonus “Extra” as part of Suz’s NIGHT SKY virtual signing, which is open for orders from now until October 3rd.  That’s the way readers can get a printed version of this short.  Here’s the link to the VS:  https://suzannebrockmann.com/about/ns-virtual-signing/

Izzy:  FREE FALL has that gorgeous cover that is definitely featuring moi, participating in a HAHO jump, hence the name of the story.  Suz reports that that the story is 12K words, and about 50 manuscript pages, which works out to 24 booklet pages with size ten font and skinny, skinny margins.  (The booklet is 8.5” x 5.5”)

Jenk: Printing a short is expensive.

Izzy:  No shit!  And for readers who prefer their heaping serving of Zanella in an e-short, Suz reports that FREE FALL will be available for sale in all e-formats in December.  Although she might have to get Chief Karmody to help her get the story up online.

Jenk: So FREE FALL, available now through the virtual signing.

Izzy: Yup.  Oh, and also readers who come to one of Suz and her NIGHT SKY co-author and daughter Melanie’s in-store events in October can pick up a copy of FREE FALL with NIGHT SKY — get both of ‘em signed in person.  So that’s another way to get the limited edition printed FREE FALL booklet.

Danny:  Ben’s reading NIGHT SKY right now.  It’s YA paranormal.

Jenk:  NIGHT SKY got a starred review from Kirkus.  That means they loved it.  Got some great cover quotes from Melissa Marr, PC Cast and Gena Showalter, too.

Danny:  Ben’s loving it, too.  Jenn’s reading it next.  Then me.

Izzy (distracted):  You read YA?

Danny:  I read.  And yes, okay, I read YA.  I want to know what Ben’s reading.  I want to be able to talk to him.

Izzy (trying to kiss Dan):  I love you, you big, soft, gooey lug, you know that?

Danny (faux-slapping Izzy away):  Don’t be an idiot.  Jesus.

Izzy: You’re a good brother, and you’re gonna be an awesome daddy.

Danny:  Jesus, I hope so…

Lopez:  Keep breathing, Dan. Don’t hyperventilate again.

Izzy (back to YOU):  If you want to get FREE FALL signed, in person, Suz and Mel are doing events in Framingham, MA; and Sarasota, Tampa and Venice, Florida.  You can check out their schedule on Suz’s website.  https://suzannebrockmann.com/about/appearances/

Jenk:  And the SECOND story in this trilogy of shorts is called HOME FIRE INFERNO–

Izzy (singing) Burn, baby, burn!  (spoken)  That’s actually the subtitle.  The short is called HOME FIRE INFERNO (Burn, Baby, Burn!)  Get it?

Jenk: HOME FIRE INFERNO (Burn, Baby, Burn!) is part of that charity anthology called THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR, and it’s coming out in e-book and paperback in April from Sourcebooks, with ALL proceeds benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project.  Suz reports that her story is about 12K words and that in addition to featuring all of us who are here right now, it also features the SEAL who’s nicknamed HoboMofo.

Izzy (delighted):  Hobe!  Yes!

Lopez:  I don’t know HoboMofo very well.  His real name’s Bert, right?  Bert Bickles?

Jenk: Chief Hubert Bickles, yeah.  He’s a hospital corpsman.

Lopez:  Like me. Which is why I don’t know him that well. (pause) Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Izzy:  Because we keep pissing off our Goddess Suz, and since you’re the only one who’s single…

Lopez (sadly):  I’m the one who pays the piper.  That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you so, shhhh with the Goddess thing!

Danny:  What does that even mean, “pay the piper?”

Jenk:  Ferd McTurd, the FNG?  He’s single.

Tony: He’s also, like, twelve.

Izzy: Said the tadpole who’s barely thirteen himself.

Danny:  Also?  Ferd McTurd?  Not a great name for a romance hero.

Jenk:  That’s not his real name.

Danny:  I know that’s not his real name, but nicknames tend to stick.  Hello, HoboMofo?

Izzy:  Ah, that’s one of the greatest nicknames of all time.

Danny: It’s too long.  We’re always shortening it.  We call him Hobe, we call him Mohf, we call him Bo–

Izzy: Nobody calls him Bo.

Danny:  Well, you call him ‘Fo.

Izzy:  ‘Fo, yes, but not Bo.   And definitely never, ever “Ho.”

Danny: But what good is a nickname that’s too long?  I mean, HoboMofo takes forever to say.  It needs to be shortened.  For the love of God, just call the guy Bert.  If that’s his name.

Lopez:  I *think* that’s his name.

Jenk:  Hubert.  It’s his name.  Or you could call him Chief.

Izzy:  (Turning to look at YOU)  This scintillating conversation is going to continue for awhile, so let’s end this here.  Check out the cover for FREE FALL and then the cover for THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR.  That’s me on FREE FALL.  I’ll let you decide who’s on the cover of TWOTW.   So mark your calendars for April 2015 for TWOTW, and for December 2014 for FREE FALL.  And Suz’s virtual signing is currently open for those of you who want a hard copy of FREE FALL that you can hold in your hands and perhaps even hug or kiss or caress–

Danny: Jesus, Zanella.

Izzy:  I’m kidding.  They know I’m kidding.  (looking back at YOU)  You know I’m kidding.  Also about the cover art thing.  Especially about the cover art thing. I know that’s not me.  I got way too many scars, and my hair’s much darker than that guy’s.  Also, yeah, the tatts… I mean, sure, they could airbrush ‘em, but… I think Tony’s right and it’s Adam.  But whoever this dude is, he’s doing us all proud, and he’s helping raise money for a very important cause.  Okay.  Links to various things below.  Thank you for your time and attention.  Z out.

Night Sky Virtual Signing (with free extra FREE FALL printed booklet): https://suzannebrockmann.com/about/ns-virtual-signing/

Suz and Mel’s October appearances: https://suzannebrockmann.com/about/appearances/

More about FREE FALL: https://suzannebrockmann.com/books/e-shorts/free-fall/

More about NIGHT SKY:  https://suzannebrockmann.com/upcoming/night-sky/

More about The Wounded Warrior Project:  http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org 


  • DANGEROUS DESTINY, the Night Sky Series Prequel, in all e-formats from Sourcebooks Fire, (still!) available for FREE for a limited time (and coming in audio from Blackstone, read by Melanie Brockmann, 10/7/2014)
  • DO OR DIE, in paperback and ebook from Ballantine books, and in audio from Blackstone (read by Patrick Lawlor and Melanie Ewbank), 9/30/2014
  • NIGHT SKY, YA paranormal co-written with Melanie Brockmann, in hardcover and e-book from Sourcebooks Fire, and in audio from Blackstone (read by Melanie Brockmann), 10/7/2014
  • FREE FALL, a Troubleshooters short story featuring Navy SEAL Izzy Zanella, available in a limited edition print booklet as an extra with the NIGHT SKY virtual signing (orders open through Oct. 3rd), and on sale as an e-short, 12/2014
  • THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR, a military romance anthology with Catherine Mann, Julie Ann Walker, Anne Elizabeth, et al, with all proceeds going to The Wounded Warrior Project, in paperback and e-book from Sourcebooks, 4/2015
  • HEADED FOR TROUBLE, still available in paperback, ebook, and audio

Dangerous Destiny

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