Annotated Reissues

I’m reissuing some of my earlier books with slight tweaks to the text and accompanying annotation. Most of these books remain set in their original 1990s world–a world mostly without cell phones and dial-up internet access. My linked notes (or endnotes in the print-on-demand edition) touch on everything from the fabulous 90s (if that applies!), to writing in general, to writing this particular book at that particular point in my mostly-early career. With my annotations, we’ll often be stepping together into the late 1990s Way Back Machine–which is actually kinda fun.

More Troubleshooters in Audio

The earlier books in the Troubleshooters series have recently been re-recorded by dual-narrators Patrick Lawlor and Melanie Ewbank — and reissued by Blackstone Audio!  Here are the links to the new versions on Blackstone’s site,  (If you download them elsewhere, do make sure that you get the version read by Patrick and Melanie!  The original editions are still floating around out there!)