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TPW 3D_DVD-Perfect-Wedding-2 AThe Perfect Wedding, my sweet little boy-meets-boy family-friendly rom-com movie, is now available from Wolfe Releasing!

You can buy it on DVD directly from Wolfe, or from Amazon, or download it to own or to rent from WolfeOnDemand (click on the link below!).  (It’s also available on iTunes!)

And if right about now you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, what, you made a MOVIE…?”

My answer is “Yes!”  Back in 2010, I co-write a screenplay along with my husband Ed, and our son Jason.  We loved our little indie script so much that we decided to produce the movie ourselves!

Here’s the official summary of the plot:

Gavin (super-cute Jason T. Gaffney, Jolly) and Paul (drop-dead handsome Eric Aragon, The Interview), two young gay men, meet and fall in love over a holiday weekend where family and friends are planning the wedding of Paul’s sister. The problem is, Gavin is posing as the boyfriend of Paul’s ex and the two find themselves in a classic comic quandary as they try to ignore their feelings.

Watch a trailer below!

Other cool things I want you to know about THE PERFECT WEDDING:

  • THE PERFECT WEDDING stars James Rebhorn (Independence Day, Homeland, White Collar) and Kristine Sutherland (who played Joyce Summers, AKA Buffy’s mom in Buffy the Vampire Slayer) as our hero, Paul’s parents, who have a really juicy subplot of their own.  Both of these amazing actors joined our cast out of their love for our script!
  • The movie is approximately 80 minutes long.  (Parents: the movie would qualify for a PG-13 rating, which means that one character drops one f-bomb!)
  • It was filmed in approximately twenty days, in June, in Sarasota, Florida, with a cast and crew of over fifty people.
  • Bonus features include video interviews with James Rebhorn and Kristine Sutherland!
  • The fabulous soundtrack for the movie was composed and arranged by the up-and-coming very-talented Jack Gravina.
  • You can watch a trailer above!
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