Blame It on Rio

Tall, Dark & Dangerous # 14
Suzanne Brockmann Books
February 3, 2023
340 pages
HERO: Petty Officer Rio Rosetti, U.S. Navy SEALs
HEROINE: Casey Esparza
LOCATION: San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs & Napa, California
TROPES: Fake Boyfriend; Just One Bed; Identical Cousins

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When Navy SEAL Rio Rosetti is approached by Casey Esparza in a grocery store parking lot, he realizes two things: the famous actress has mistaken Rio for his gay cousin Luc; and Rio’s got to keep up the pretense to protect his teammate Dave from getting his heart re-broken by Casey’s hot mess of a brother, Jon.

As a SEAL, Rio’s days are filled with adventure and risk, but now, as Dave’s fake boyfriend, he’s facing a different challenge. His life is suddenly a rom-com movie with an added twist as Rio finds himself falling hard for Casey.

Casey Esparza’s acting career has been like a fairytale. Her iconic role in a cult science fiction TV show brought her fame, fortune, and millions of social media followers. Her personal life, however, is a different story—her brother Jon is a dumpster fire and her romantic life is grim. Her instant connection with her friend Dave’s easy-going new boyfriend Luc is a breath of fresh air.

Rio knows honesty means everything to Casey, and that for him to stay in her life—as Rio—he needs to end his masquerade very carefully. But when Jon’s unsavory past catches up to them and Casey’s in danger, Rio is ready to risk everything—even his future with her—to keep her safe.

The tall, dark, and dangerous Navy SEALs of Team Ten are back—with Suzanne Brockmann’s signature blend of love, laughter, and a hint of danger in Blame It on Rio.


  • Blame It on Rio (TDD #14) is set both in the present day, about six months after King’s Ransom (TDD #13), and about three years after the end of Night Watch (TDD #11). Please embrace the time warp!
  • Blame It on Rio stands alone, but readers familiar with the TDD series will get to catch up with some of the SEALs, including LT Thomas King, Bobby Taylor, Wes Skelly, Dave Patterson, and Senior Chief Daryl “Harvard” Becker.
  • King’s Ransom was intended to be the final book my long-running Tall, Dark & Dangerous series, but Rio Rosetti caught my eye, and with a title like Blame It on Rio, I couldn’t resist!
  • Blame It on Rio is the final book in my now complete, 14-installment TDD series!