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Blame It on Rio

Tall, Dark & Dangerous SEAL Team Ten

The 14th and final installment in the Tall, Dark & Dangerous series,
featuring Navy SEAL Rio Rosetti
Available in ebook and print from Suzanne Brockmann Books
Available Now, February 3, 2023

Blame It on Rio


Marriage of Inconvenience

New names, new jobs, new lives, new husbands…?

Two total strangers entering a witness protection program must pretend to be happily married to hide their identities from the dangerous people who want them dead.

Marriage of Inconvenience
Marriage of Inconvenience

New: October 2021

Out of Body movie art

Streaming now on Amazon Prime

From Suzanne Brockmann
and the producers of Analysis Paralysis and The Perfect Wedding

Out of Body

A Halloween-set friends-to-lovers paranormal rom-com feature film
Screenplay by Suzanne Brockmann and Jason T. Gaffney
Directed by Jason T. Gaffney
Starring Kevin Held and Jason T. Gaffney

When a demon takes possession of Malcolm’s body on Halloween, his spirit is trapped in his friend Henry’s house. Believing spirits who linger must complete “unfinished business” before they depart, Mal thinks his task is to help Henry find true love. Even though Mal’s been in love with Henry for years, he valiantly tries to hook up his friend with a hot new neighbor…


Suz’s production company Kickstarted her latest LGBTQ indie film project,
Season One of a 6-episode streaming TV (rom)comedy series called
Marriage of Inconvenience, streaming on Dekkoo in Spring 2023.

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Suz’s rom-com movie, Analysis Paralysis,
is available for rental and download
via Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play!

And! Suz’s first LGBTQ rom-com movie, The Perfect Wedding, 
set over the Christmas holidays (with a warm, inclusive, supportive family!)
is streaming on Amazon Prime, and is available for rental and download via  iTunes!

Watch Suz’s RWA Lifetime Achievement Award Speech
(Scroll to around 46:30 to watch Jason’s introduction, with Suz’s speech immediately following…)
Note from Suz: As of February 2020, I’m no longer a member of the Romance Writers of America.
As of November 2020, I’m still in wait-and-see mode.
Read the transcript of Suz’s RWA Lifetime Achievement Award Speech

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Out of Body
Ready to Roll 3-in-1

A special 3-in-1 collection in ebook only!

Free Fall & Home Fire Inferno 2-in-1
2-in-1 Shorts

A special 2-in-1 edition, available both digitally and in print-on-demand!

Prince Joe
Ready to Roll

Navy SEAL Izzy Zanella tells the tale of the legendary Boat Squad John…

Out of Body
Out of Body

RITA Finalist! Halloween Rom-Com! The novelization of the movie, starring Jason T. Gaffney and Kevin Held

Some Kind of Hero
Some Kind of Hero

My latest full-length TS book, new in hardcover, e-book, and audio available now

Born to Darkness
Born to Darkness

Reissue of book #1 in my futuristic SF romance series, Fighting Destiny

Body Guard
Body Guard

RITA Award winning romantic suspense


Annotated 3-in-1 of TS and Navy SEAL shorts!

Bartlett Bros #1

The first book in the Bartlett Brothers series, originally published 1997

Freedom's Price
Bartlett Bros #2

The second book in the Bartlett Brothers series, originally published 1998


New full-length novel featuring the tall, dark, and dangerous SEALs of Team Ten, first published May 2018

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