Original published Bantam Loveswept, #832, in April 1997
Bartlett Brothers #1
Reissued September 25, 2007
213 pages
HERO: Calvin “Cal” Bartlett, Rancher
HEROINE: Kayla Grey, journalist
LOCATION: Montana, San Salustiano, Boston
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He was gorgeous as sin, but definitely off-limits…

He’d saved her from a drenching storm, had gently placed her in a steaming tub, and looked great in firelight, but was that reason enough for Kayla Grey to kiss a handsome cowboy with reckless hunger? Cal Bartlett couldn’t believe he’d nearly made love to the woman who’d betrayed his brother’s memory, but when she insisted Liam might be alive, shame warred with desire. Would loving her mean losing him again?

Forbidden yet undeniable attraction is at the heart of Suzanne Brockmann’s sizzling, sensual novel of love and sacrifice. He’d never burned for a woman, never known the wild abandon of white-hot need that marked a man and woman as soul mates, but once he’d tasted paradise, could he give her up?


  • My original title for this book was A BROTHER’S TRUST
  • FORBIDDEN is the first of two books about the Barlett Brothers. Liam’s story continues in FREEDOM’S PRICE.

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