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Reissued 2018
Originally published by Ballantine Books as a paperback original in 2010
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Reissue originally published in 2010

Alison Carter wrote the definitive book on legendary American hero, U.S. Marshal Silas Quinn, who survived the infamous 1898 shootout at the Red Rock Saloon only to witness the murder of his wife, Melody, by the brutal outlaw Jamie “Kid” Gallagher in the desolate Arizona hills.

Now “Quinn,” a big-budget Hollywood movie, is being made on location in Jubilation, Arizona, and Alison’s the historical consultant, making sure the production team gets the story right.

Then a too-handsome man in a cowboy hat waltzes into Alison’s trailer, claiming to be the great-grandson of Kid Gallagher—and oh, by the way, Alison and the rest of the world have gotten the facts of America’s best-known legend completely wrong…

Military veteran A.J. Gallagher hasn’t had an easy life, but hard work and a return to his large, supportive family in his Alaskan hometown has helped him earn ten solid years of sobriety—one quiet, uneventful day at a time. Only now A.J.’s being haunted by the ghost of his beloved great-grandfather, Jamie “please don’t call him ‘Kid’” Gallagher, who wants A.J. to set the record straight—Quinn was the real villain of the legend. But the only person who can see or hear Jamie is A.J., and with his history of mental illness, he’s unwilling to believe his own eyes. Still, A.J. travels to the movie set with his invisible sidekick, hoping that doing so will end his “hallucinations.” But one conversation with brilliant and funny Professor Alison Carter is all it takes to make sparks fly.

When Alison witnesses an altercation that puts her life in danger, she’s targeted by ruthless criminals who want her dead. And A.J.—with Jamie’s very real help—has the military training and skill-set to keep her alive…

Part rom-com, part thriller, part Old West historical, part paranormal.
INFAMOUS was originally published in 2010 (144K words or 394 pages)


“INFAMOUS is the perfect combination of humor, mystery, danger, intrigue and romance. A very fun read.” — Fresh Fiction

“INFAMOUS goes in a totally different direction for Ms. Brockmann, and its freshness and originality will not be easily matched by any other writer soon. A Perfect 10 is almost not good enough for INFAMOUS, but I am still giving it one. The uniqueness, passion, inventiveness and emotion will overwhelm everyone who reads it. If Suzanne Brockmann’s books are an automatic buy for you… get your copy…” — Carolyn Crisher, Romance Reviews Today