News from Suz: Dec. 22, 2014: A Holiday Intervention with Navy SEAL Dan Gillman

Free FallDanny Gillman (whispering to you):  Hey.  Yeah.  Over here. (wiping clear steamed up mirror) Hi.  It’s me.  Dan.  (tightens towel around his waist)  And yes, I’m talking to you from the bathroom.  It’s the only place where I know for sure that I’ll be alone over this crazy holiday week.  I’ve started taking *really* long showers.

Izzy’s voice (loudly singing from the living room):  Fa leh la leh LAH!  Leh-LAH LAH LAH!

Danny:  Yup.  (continues shaving in the bathroom sink) We’re here visiting Jenn’s parents for the holidays.  All of us.  Ben and Eden and Zanella, too.  At first it was just gonna be Jenn and me, but this is Ben’s first holiday season with all of us, so . . . Here we are.  ALL of us.  And don’t get me wrong.  I get it — I do.  SEAL Team Sixteen could go wheels up any day — any minute.  And Zanella and I are both Stateside this year.  God only knows where we’ll be next year.  (rinses and wipes face with another towel) So I wanted to give Jenn this family time, and I know she’s really loving it . . .

Izzy’s voice (loudly singing from the living room, falsetto-ed, a la a boy soprano):  The-uh fir-erst No-oh-ell thee-ee angels did say…!

Danny:  But holy freaking God.  (starts perusing the collection of hair care products crowding the counter top)  We’re all camped out in the playroom, because Jenn’s brothers are home to visit, too.  (Picks one, sniffs it, then squeezes some into his hand, and applies it to his hair)  And at least Jenn and I get the pullout couch, but *damn.*   And again, I’m not saying it hasn’t been fun, but you know how holidays can be.  It’s so flipping *relentless*.

Izzy’s voice (loudly singing from the living room, operatic basso profundo):  OHHH, HOHHH-LY NIGHT!  THE STARS ARE BRIGHTLY SHIIIIII-NING!

Danny:  (just looking at you in the mirror)

Another voice joins Izzy (in harmony):  FALL!  ON YOUR KNEEEEEEEEES!!!!

Danny (deadpan):  Oh, good.  Uncle Frank is singing now, too.  (leans closer to the mirror, lowers voice)  Look.  The holidays are great, but let’s face it — they’re not without stress.  If you need to take a break, don’t be afraid to lock yourself in the bathroom and do a little meditation.  Or better yet, bring your e-reader.  Take a time-out.  If you want to, you can spend it with SEAL Team Sixteen.  Suz’s latest Troubleshooters short story, FREE FALL, is available for download just in time for the holidays.  It’s a quick read — it’s about 50 pages long — around 12K words.  The perfect length for a mini-escape.  Izzy’s in it, I’m in it, Tony V is in it, so’s his fiancé Adam.  Eden and Jenn are in it — so’s Ben.  You’ll find out a little bit about how he’s adjusting to life in his new high school in San Diego.  And of course the main story focuses on a SEAL HAHO training jump.  Mr. Murphy’s along for the ride, so hijinx ensue.  But Murphy’s no match for Zanella.  As much as I bitch about the guy, I like knowing he’s there.  Because I know he’s always got my six.

Izzy’s voice (loudly singing from the living room):  But doooo youuuu recall! The most famous reindeeeer of all…!  (his voice gets louder as he approaches bathroom door and bangs on it)  Yo, Danbo!  You coming out any time soon?  I gots to whiz!

Dan (pulling on his clothes, calling back):  I’ll be out in a sec!  (looking back at you, whispers)  Or you can always take your e-reader, say you’re going for a walk, and then go sit in the car or maybe hide in the basement or…

Izzy’s voice:  Hurry up, brah!  We’re about to start an epic game of Settlers of Catan!  The Star Trek version!  And I know you want in on that magic!

Dan (whispering):  He’s right.  I do.  But I also know that it’s gonna get loud.

Izzy’s voice (banging — boom, boom, boom):  DANNY!  (as if he’s calling for Stella)  DANNY!!!!

Dan (whispering):  Louder.  I’m sure I’ll be back in here later, in an attempt to recover from all the fun.  (saluting you) Stay alive, whatever you do.  Oh, here’s the blurb for FREE FALL — and links to where you can download it.  Happy and merry and ho ho ho.  (takes deep breath, squares shoulders and opens the bathroom door.)

FREE FALL:  What should be an easy HAHO training jump for SEAL Team Sixteen goes wrong, forcing Navy SEAL Izzy Zanella to do what he does best: Improvise.  At thirty thousand feet.  (About 12,000 words or 50 pages)

Suzanne Brockmann, bestselling author of the pulse-pounding Troubleshooters series, has been hailed by USA Today as a “superstar of romantic suspense.” In this original short story, available exclusively as an eBook, Brockmann returns with some of her most beloved characters from the Troubleshooters world: Izzy Zanella and his friends in U.S. Navy SEAL Team Sixteen.

Kobo link to FREE FALL:

Nook link to FREE FALL:

Kindle link to FREE FALL:

And Kindle UK:

Kindle JP:

Kindle Canada:

(Coming soon:  iBooks and GoogleBooks!)

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News from Suz: A Conversation with Navy SEALs Izzy, Lopez, Jenk, Dan, & Tony

Way of the WarriorNews from Suz Brockmann

September 22, 2014

A conversation with Navy SEALs Izzy Zanella, Jay Lopez, Mark Jenkins, Danny Gillman, and Tony Vlachic.

Izzy:  Guys!  Guys guys guys!  Check out this upcoming book called THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR!  (turning to look at YOU) You can check it out over on Suz’s facebook page, at  Pop over to look at it, then come right back.  I’ll wait….  (pause)  Welcome back!  Nice cover, huh?  This is an anthology of stories written by a bunch o’ awesome military romance authors, including our Goddess Suz.  

Lopez:  Yeah, Iz, shhh, don’t.  She doesn’t like it when you call her that.  You really don’t want to piss her off.

Izzy:  I’m safe.  I’ve won my HEA.

Lopez:  But I haven’t, so…shhh.

Jenk:  Whoa, look at that long list of authors.  Cathy Mann, Julie Ann Walker, Anne Elizabeth, Tina Wainscott, ML Buchman, Kate Serine, Lea Griffith… Nice.

Izzy:  Yup. Nicest of all is that fact that all proceeds — from all those authors, and from the publisher, too — are gonna go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Danny:  What?  That’s great.

Izzy:  Yup.  Props to Julie Ann Walker.  It was her idea.

Tony (clears throat):  That IS a really great cover.

Izzy:  Yup.  Nice picture of moi, amiright?

(Silence.  Crickets might chirp.  Then, all speaking at once…)

Danny (scornfully):  Zanella, that’s  definitely not you.

Jenk: Dude, you know I love you, but I don’t really think that’s you.  Your hair’s darker.  And shorter.

Lopez (diplomatically): I’m… not sure that’s supposed to be you, Iz.

Tony: Actually, guys, I think that might be Adam.  He did some cover model work a few years ago…

Izzy: Right now it’s shorter.  My hair.  But it grows.  It’s grown.  And it’s the way it’s lit that makes it look lighter on the cover.  I mean, it’s obviously been touched up and airbrushed.  They took out the tattoos and scars and other identifying marks.  Because of me being active duty.

Danny: You know, now that you say that? I think it’s me.  Because you know, the Troubleshooters Team Sixteen story that’s in that anthology IS kind of about me.

Izzy: No, Dan, I mean, yes, you’re right, you’re in the story and the fact that you got Jenn pregnant at the end of BREAKING THE RULES is mondo important since the story is set about eight and a half months later, but (whispers) Suz has been telling everyone that this story features me.

Lopez (reasonable):  And me.  Remember, the story in THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR is called HOME FIRE INFERNO, as in “Keep the home fires burning.”  It takes place a few weeks after (SPOILER REMOVED) in FREE FALL.  So, because of THAT, you guys go wheels up, but I stay home.

Free FallIzzy (turning to look at YOU): In case you haven’t heard, FREE FALL is a TS short story that Suz is giving away in a special limited edition printed booklet as an extra for her NIGHT SKY virtual signing.  More about that in a bit, but if you’re curious, you can check out the cover and a brief blur for FREE FALL at

Jenk:  Well, I’m in both stories, but that’s definitely not me on the cover of THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR. I’m thinking Tony’s right and that’s Adam.

Tony: We’re all in both stories.  They go together.  I mean, you don’t need to read FREE FALL to have HOME FIRE INFERNO feel complete, but Suz told me they were parts one and two in a trilogy of shorts that she was writing.  The third one features Ben — and yes, more Izzy.  And Adam and me, too.

Danny:  Ben, like my little brother Ben?  Like my still-in-high-school little brother Ben?

Izzy:  Like your taller-than-you “little” brother Ben.

Jenk: He’s only sixteen, and he’s already 6’3”.  He’s freakishly tall.  Give him another month and he’ll be taller than you, too, Iz.

Danny:  If Ben’s in the third story, then I probably am, too.

Izzy: Unless we’re both deployed.

Lopez: We all might be deployed.  Unless the third story’s set right after FREE FALL and HOME FIRE INFERNO and I’m still (SPOILER REMOVED).  God, that’s frustrating.  I hate it when you guys deploy without me.

Izzy (gasping)  Lopez said HATE.

Lopez (mildly):  I don’t hate much, but I definitely hate being left behind.

Tony:  Hey, guys?  Maybe the man on the cover of THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR is supposed to be a Marine or maybe even Air Force.  You know Cathy Mann’s got a story in there, too.

Izzy:  In my next life, I want to come back as one of Cathy Mann’s foster dogs.

Tony:  Yeah, Adam was talking about maybe getting a dog, and I told him to follow Cathy on Facebook, see who she’s fostering now.  She’s freaking amazing.

Danny:  I’m pretty sure that’s a SEAL on that cover.

Lopez:  Well, we KNOW it’s a SEAL on the cover of FREE FALL.

Izzy:  Yes!  It’s me!  Suz has said that it’s me!

Danny (looking at that cover): The silhouetted guy in the foreground or the silhouetted guy in the background?

Izzy:  Foreground.  The guy in the background could be any one of you.  You’re all in FREE FALL.

Lopez:  Yeah, I know I’m in FREE FALL.  (sadly)  That’s where (SPOILER REMOVED).

Jenk:  So the first short story featuring SEAL Team Sixteen is called FREE FALL, and it’s available in a limited edition printed booklet being given away as a bonus “Extra” as part of Suz’s NIGHT SKY virtual signing, which is open for orders from now until October 3rd.  That’s the way readers can get a printed version of this short.  Here’s the link to the VS:

Izzy:  FREE FALL has that gorgeous cover that is definitely featuring moi, participating in a HAHO jump, hence the name of the story.  Suz reports that that the story is 12K words, and about 50 manuscript pages, which works out to 24 booklet pages with size ten font and skinny, skinny margins.  (The booklet is 8.5” x 5.5”)

Jenk: Printing a short is expensive.

Izzy:  No shit!  And for readers who prefer their heaping serving of Zanella in an e-short, Suz reports that FREE FALL will be available for sale in all e-formats in December.  Although she might have to get Chief Karmody to help her get the story up online.

Jenk: So FREE FALL, available now through the virtual signing.

Izzy: Yup.  Oh, and also readers who come to one of Suz and her NIGHT SKY co-author and daughter Melanie’s in-store events in October can pick up a copy of FREE FALL with NIGHT SKY — get both of ‘em signed in person.  So that’s another way to get the limited edition printed FREE FALL booklet.

Danny:  Ben’s reading NIGHT SKY right now.  It’s YA paranormal.

Jenk:  NIGHT SKY got a starred review from Kirkus.  That means they loved it.  Got some great cover quotes from Melissa Marr, PC Cast and Gena Showalter, too.

Danny:  Ben’s loving it, too.  Jenn’s reading it next.  Then me.

Izzy (distracted):  You read YA?

Danny:  I read.  And yes, okay, I read YA.  I want to know what Ben’s reading.  I want to be able to talk to him.

Izzy (trying to kiss Dan):  I love you, you big, soft, gooey lug, you know that?

Danny (faux-slapping Izzy away):  Don’t be an idiot.  Jesus.

Izzy: You’re a good brother, and you’re gonna be an awesome daddy.

Danny:  Jesus, I hope so…

Lopez:  Keep breathing, Dan. Don’t hyperventilate again.

Izzy (back to YOU):  If you want to get FREE FALL signed, in person, Suz and Mel are doing events in Framingham, MA; and Sarasota, Tampa and Venice, Florida.  You can check out their schedule on Suz’s website.

Jenk:  And the SECOND story in this trilogy of shorts is called HOME FIRE INFERNO–

Izzy (singing) Burn, baby, burn!  (spoken)  That’s actually the subtitle.  The short is called HOME FIRE INFERNO (Burn, Baby, Burn!)  Get it?

Jenk: HOME FIRE INFERNO (Burn, Baby, Burn!) is part of that charity anthology called THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR, and it’s coming out in e-book and paperback in April from Sourcebooks, with ALL proceeds benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project.  Suz reports that her story is about 12K words and that in addition to featuring all of us who are here right now, it also features the SEAL who’s nicknamed HoboMofo.

Izzy (delighted):  Hobe!  Yes!

Lopez:  I don’t know HoboMofo very well.  His real name’s Bert, right?  Bert Bickles?

Jenk: Chief Hubert Bickles, yeah.  He’s a hospital corpsman.

Lopez:  Like me. Which is why I don’t know him that well. (pause) Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Izzy:  Because we keep pissing off our Goddess Suz, and since you’re the only one who’s single…

Lopez (sadly):  I’m the one who pays the piper.  That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you so, shhhh with the Goddess thing!

Danny:  What does that even mean, “pay the piper?”

Jenk:  Ferd McTurd, the FNG?  He’s single.

Tony: He’s also, like, twelve.

Izzy: Said the tadpole who’s barely thirteen himself.

Danny:  Also?  Ferd McTurd?  Not a great name for a romance hero.

Jenk:  That’s not his real name.

Danny:  I know that’s not his real name, but nicknames tend to stick.  Hello, HoboMofo?

Izzy:  Ah, that’s one of the greatest nicknames of all time.

Danny: It’s too long.  We’re always shortening it.  We call him Hobe, we call him Mohf, we call him Bo–

Izzy: Nobody calls him Bo.

Danny:  Well, you call him ‘Fo.

Izzy:  ‘Fo, yes, but not Bo.   And definitely never, ever “Ho.”

Danny: But what good is a nickname that’s too long?  I mean, HoboMofo takes forever to say.  It needs to be shortened.  For the love of God, just call the guy Bert.  If that’s his name.

Lopez:  I *think* that’s his name.

Jenk:  Hubert.  It’s his name.  Or you could call him Chief.

Izzy:  (Turning to look at YOU)  This scintillating conversation is going to continue for awhile, so let’s end this here.  Check out the cover for FREE FALL and then the cover for THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR.  That’s me on FREE FALL.  I’ll let you decide who’s on the cover of TWOTW.   So mark your calendars for April 2015 for TWOTW, and for December 2014 for FREE FALL.  And Suz’s virtual signing is currently open for those of you who want a hard copy of FREE FALL that you can hold in your hands and perhaps even hug or kiss or caress–

Danny: Jesus, Zanella.

Izzy:  I’m kidding.  They know I’m kidding.  (looking back at YOU)  You know I’m kidding.  Also about the cover art thing.  Especially about the cover art thing. I know that’s not me.  I got way too many scars, and my hair’s much darker than that guy’s.  Also, yeah, the tatts… I mean, sure, they could airbrush ‘em, but… I think Tony’s right and it’s Adam.  But whoever this dude is, he’s doing us all proud, and he’s helping raise money for a very important cause.  Okay.  Links to various things below.  Thank you for your time and attention.  Z out.

Night Sky Virtual Signing (with free extra FREE FALL printed booklet):

Suz and Mel’s October appearances:

More about FREE FALL:

More about NIGHT SKY:

More about The Wounded Warrior Project: 


  • DANGEROUS DESTINY, the Night Sky Series Prequel, in all e-formats from Sourcebooks Fire, (still!) available for FREE for a limited time (and coming in audio from Blackstone, read by Melanie Brockmann, 10/7/2014)
  • DO OR DIE, in paperback and ebook from Ballantine books, and in audio from Blackstone (read by Patrick Lawlor and Melanie Ewbank), 9/30/2014
  • NIGHT SKY, YA paranormal co-written with Melanie Brockmann, in hardcover and e-book from Sourcebooks Fire, and in audio from Blackstone (read by Melanie Brockmann), 10/7/2014
  • FREE FALL, a Troubleshooters short story featuring Navy SEAL Izzy Zanella, available in a limited edition print booklet as an extra with the NIGHT SKY virtual signing (orders open through Oct. 3rd), and on sale as an e-short, 12/2014
  • THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR, a military romance anthology with Catherine Mann, Julie Ann Walker, Anne Elizabeth, et al, with all proceeds going to The Wounded Warrior Project, in paperback and e-book from Sourcebooks, 4/2015
  • HEADED FOR TROUBLE, still available in paperback, ebook, and audio

Dangerous Destiny

Night Sky

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Booksignings in NJ and DE this weekend: 2/22 and 2/23

February 21, 2014
Happy almost spring, she said optimistically.

I’m currently up in Boston, where the melting snow is creating a heavy fog. Still, I’m thinking warm and sunny thoughts of tulips and daffodils!

DO OR DIE, the first book in my “Reluctant Heroes” series (or the 17th book in my Troubleshooters series, depending on how you look at it! FYI, DO OR DIE is the start of a new story arc set in my TS world — similar to the way FLASHPOINT started a new story arc after Sam Alyssa won their HEA!) is now available in all bookstores, both brick mortar and on-line!
Tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 22nd, I’ll be heading south to balmy New Jersey (the state of my birth!), where I have a 2:00 p.m. book signing event at the Barnes and Noble in East Brunswick at the Brunswick Square Mall. And Sunday, Feb. 23rd, also at 2:00 p.m., I’ll be at the B&N at the Concord Mall in Wilmington, Delaware.

There’ll be a Q&A session and cool door prizes available at each event, so stop in and say hi!

Here are the details:

Saturday, February 22, 2014: East Brunswick, NJ
Time: 2:00 p.m.
Q&A and booksigning DO OR DIE
Barnes Noble
Brunswick Square Mall
753 Rt 18 Brunswick Square Space 318
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
Store phone: 732-432-0100

Sunday, February 23, 2014: Wilmington, DE
2:00 p.m.
Q&A and booksigning DO OR DIE
Barnes Noble
Concord Mall
4801 Concord Pike
Wilmington, DE 19803
Store Phone: 302-478-9677

I hope to see you there!

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Feb. 18th booksigning in Sharon, MA is ON at 4:30 pm!

Hey, gang!

If you live south of Boston, drop in and say hi!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014: Sharon, MA
NOTE: Despite the snow, this event is ON!
Time: 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Booksigning and schmooze!
Annie’s Bookstop
362 South Main St.
Sharon, MA 02067
Store phone: 781-784-4306
Note:  Merry Cutler, who owns Annie’s, is doing a virtual signing of my backlist.  (Just be ready to order your book in advance so she has it on hand by the 18th!)  Readers who want a signed copy of HEADED FOR TROUBLE, last year’s paperback Troubleshooters Anthology, here’s your chance! Merry’s very organized, so you can order any or all of your books personalized or signature only, or even a mix. (Signed books make great gifts, and I’m always happy to write a Happy Birthday message!) And, Merry’s shipping and handling rates are really affordable for paperback books. She tells me that, via media mail, in addition to the cover price and tax on the book, she can send one paperback for $3.99 S&H, with 75 cents for each additional title shipped to the same address.

If you’re interested in getting a signed copy of HEADED FOR TROUBLE (or any other book besides DO OR DIE!), contact Merry Cutler by phone (781-784-4306) or fax (781-784-7075) or email, at[email protected] Merry says, “I’ll take checks, money orders, charges by phone or fax.”

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Feb. 16th workshop in Bedford MA is cancelled due to too much snow!

Alas, the Sunday February 16, 2014 1:00 p.m. meeting of the New England Chapter of RWA, at which I was to give a workshop on collaboration along with my husband Ed, has been cancelled.

As of right now, I still have three other Boston area events on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week — check my appearances page for details!

Sorry and thank you!

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Feb 15th Booksigning in Framingham is on!

It’s started to snow, but today’s booksigning is a go!  (I live about 3 minutes from the signing store — please be cautious if you are driving from a great distance!)  Local-to-Boston residents, I’ll be doing at least three other events besides this one — AND I’ll be sure to leave plenty of signed copies in the store!

Here’re the details:

Saturday, February 15, 2014:  Framingham, MA
2:00 p.m.
Q&A and signing DO OR DIE
Barnes & Noble
1 Worcester Rd
Framingham, MA 01701
Store phone: 508-628-5567

Tomorrow’s event in Bedford might be cancelled.  If so, I’ll post that info here and on my appearances page!

Love, Suz

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Do or Die Reader Discussion Page: **Warning SPOILERS in the comments**

It’s finally February 4th, and DO OR DIE, the first book in my new “Reluctant Heroes” series is available.

In fact, it downloaded into your e-reader last night, and, being a speed-reader, you’re already on your second time through.  Right?  Right?  Some of you are nodding now and saying, “Yes, that’s right.”

But far more likely, you’re reading this on February 8th or 9th or 10th or 20th, after you’ve finished all 558 pages of this giant murder-weapon of a book.

If you’ve stumbled onto this page WITHOUT having read DO OR DIE, this is your second and final warning.  There are spoilers here. Click on this page and scroll down to the comments section at your own risk!

This discussion page is for you to post questions and discuss DO OR DIE both with me and with other readers.  FYI, I’m heading out on the road for a book tour for most of the month of February, but I’ll try to drop in from time to time, to answer your questions cryptically and torment you by not telling you very much at all about the upcoming sequels.  Feel free to talk amongst yourselves and speculate wildly.  And please keep in mind that this website is my virtual living room.

Oh, and one last thing?  Bookmark this page so you can find it easily.  I’m going to be posting many other new pages with info about my upcoming book tour events, and this discussion page won’t sit at the top of my blog for very long.  Here’s the URL:  (Added:  But oh! Look! I managed to put a link to this “Reader Discussion Page” on the “Upcoming” menu over to the left.  See it?  Yay! Go, me!)


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News from Suz: February 4, 2014

DO OR DIE, the first book in my new “Reluctant Heroes” romantic suspense series, set in my Troubleshooters world, is in bookstores today!

Reluctant Heroes Book #1
in hardcover and ebook from Ballantine Books
in audiobook, read by Patrick Lawlor and Melanie Ewbank, from Blackstone Audio
558 pages
Hero: Former Navy SEAL Ian Dunn
Heroine: Attorney Phoebe Kruger
Find links to booksellers here
See my DO OR DIE book tour schedule here

Rogue former SEAL Ian Dunn is in the middle of an 18-month jail sentence when he’s approached by the FBI to lead a covert mission to rescue a pair of very important kidnapped kids. When he flatly turns down their Get Out of Jail Free card, choosing instead to stay incarcerated, lawyer Phoebe Kruger figures something’s up, but even she has no idea of the velocity of the crap that’s about to hit the fan when Ian’s unwillingly released into the FBI’s hands.  Phoebe’s also aware that a SEAL usually works with a team — so where and who are Ian’s teammates . . . ?

Publisher’s Weekly says:  “(Do or Die) …moves powerfully once it gets in gear, and the cast of sensitive alpha men and strong, imperfect women is well developed. Interpersonal tension gets far more focus than action, creating a refreshingly light feel.”

Kirkus says:  “Brockmann effortlessly and expertly tosses hundreds of details into the air and juggles them with brilliance. The first in her Reluctant Heroes series, the novel will captivate readers with its intense, action-filled plot, alpha-and-a-half hero, and his smart, perfect-for-him heroine, as well as secondary characters who contribute pathos and humor.  Enthralling and breathtaking.” (starred review)

Booklist says:  “Brockmann leaves the reader breathless, and longing for sequels. The sex is great, the action nonstop; and the dialogue between Ian and Phoebe is some of Rita Award–winning Brockmann’s best. Her fans will cheer, as will all military-romance fans.” (starred review)

Heroes & Heartbreakers says:  “If you’re already a Brockmann fan, you’ll love each new obstacle that is flung up in front of Ian, Phoebe, and their crew, and you’ll be looking forward to what happens next with all the secondary characters. If you’ve wanted to try Brockmann’s work, but have been worried by the huge number of Troubleshooters books, Do or Die might be a good place to start.”

The Book Gourmet says:  “This was a masterpiece of humongous proportions. I loved it from beginning to end. … This book was an impeccable blend of character-driven story, action, drama, well-placed angst, romance, and (sometimes snarky) humor.”


Book signing tonight (2/4/14) in Sarasota, Florida!

Here are the deets:

Tuesday, February 4, 2014:  Sarasota, FL
7:00 p.m.
Q&A and signing, DO OR DIE release party!
Barnes & Noble
4010 S. Tamiami Tr
Sarasota, FL 34231
Store phone: 941-923-9907

Another Note: Never been to one of my booksignings?  Find out what it’s like here.

See my full schedule of events and appearances!


Audiobook aficionados! AudioGals is having a four-day event on their website, featuring my audiobooks and my favorite audiobook narrators Patrick Lawlor and Melanie Ewbank.  There’s an audio interview with the three of us (Part One is here and Part Two is here!), and on Wednesday all three of us will be dropping by the AudioGals site to answer questions and comments!)

If you’re a fan of audiobooks, go check it out!  And if you’ve never listened to one of my audiobooks before, there’s a sample of DO OR DIE (read by both Patrick and Melanie) up at AudioGals — it’s worth checking out at


Last but not least, later today I’ll be creating a page on my blog for readers to discuss DO OR DIE.  Warning: It is a ***SPOILER’S WELCOME*** zone!  🙂  So do drop by, but only after you’ve finished the book!

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DO OR DIE Countdown: our final day!

We’re counting down the hours and minutes now!

Lotta fun interviews and links to click and share today!

An  audio interview (Part I) over at AudioGals with DO OR DIE’s audiobook narrators, Patrick Lawlor and Melanie Ewbank and me!  AudioGals are also giving away ten downloads of the audiobook of DO OR DIE, courtesy of Blackstone Audio and, but you have to enter AudioGals’s contest before midnight CST tonight, 2/3/2014!

Contest instructions are here.  Part II of the interview airs 2/4 (Tuesday), and Patrick, Melanie, and I will all be dropping by throughout the day on 2/5 (Wednesday) at to answer questions and say hi!

A fun interview (and review of DoD) over at the USA Today HEA blog with Michelle Monkou at

Another cool piece about DO OR DIE from Victoria Janssen at the Heroes & Heartbreakers blog at

A rockin’ review of DO OR DIE from the Book Gourmet at

And another lovely review of the book from Book Date at 


Suz 8771It’s DO OR DIE eve, and I slept in a little this morning, like the mom who has wrapped all of the presents and even successfully built the bicycle without too much agony and blood loss.  🙂

Virtual signing hardcover copies of DO OR DIE and  TPW DVDs signed and shipped.  CHECK.

Boxes and other VS rubble (mostly) cleaned up from the living room.  CHECK.

Raffle/door-prizes (including backlist audiobooks, international and/or manga editions, ARCs — some with marks and notes, copies of Ed’s books, copies of my favorite romance of 2013: GLITTERLAND, audio download codes for DO OR DIE…) for my first six book tour events gathered, packed, and ready to travel as I head north from Florida to Boston.  CHECK.

Roll of raffle tickets for book tour event prizes dug out of the closet.  CHECK.

Packing list started (note to self, it’s going to be cold!  Leave flip-flops home).  CHECK.

Pre-trip house cleaning…


That’ll top tomorrow’s to-do list, before I head out to the Barnes & Noble in Sarasota, for DO OR DIE’s release day celebration that starts at 7:00 p.m.  It’s actually a good, earth-grounding policy to clean the house on the day of a book’s release.

(Here’re the deets of that first event, in case right now you’re saying to yourself, “Hey, I’m in Sarasota, too…”:
Tuesday, February 4, 2014:  Sarasota, FL
7:00 p.m.
Q&A and signing, DO OR DIE release party!
Barnes & Noble
4010 S. Tamiami Tr
Sarasota, FL 34231
Store phone: 941-923-9907)

Write the final countdown page for my DO OR DIE Countdown blog. CHECK.

Thank you to all who’ve joined me for the countdown!

My work here is done.  Now it’s time for DO OR DIE’s magnificent cover to do its job so that the book leaps off the bookstore shelves and computer screens, and into readers’ hands.  🙂

And it’s time for former Navy SEAL Ian Dunn to get to work, too.  I hope you love him as much as Phoebe and I do.

Even though the countdown is over, come on back here to my blog to discuss DO OR DIE with other readers.  Tomorrow I’m going to create a special page with a big SPOILER-alert sign, so that those of you who read really fast will have a place to book-talk, right there in the comments section.  I’ll be out on the road very soon, but I’ll drop in as often as I can!


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DO OR DIE Countdown: Day twenty-two

Today’s feature: Ten (10) audiobook downloads of DO OR DIE are being given away at AudioGals, courtesy of Blackstone Audio and!

Only eighty-six hours (as I write this!) until DO OR DIE drops into my east coast readers’ Kindles, Nooks, and other e-reading devices, and is available for download in audiobook format at websites like Audible and Blackstone’s own!

That’s only three and a half days, probably fewer by the time you see this post!

Remember last autumn, when I told you that February 4th was bearing down upon us with lightning speed?  (Was I right or was I really right?)

And a quick reminder before we get to the juicy bits about the audiobook download give away and the super-cool four-day event over at AudioGals: If you want to get a signed hardcover copy of DO OR DIE, and don’t live within driving range of my DO OR DIE East Coast Book Tour-a-palooza

  • Events in Sarasota and Jacksonville, FL!
  • In Florence, SC where there is a gorgeously moving and inspiring, road-trip worthy Veterans Park!
  • In Raleigh, NC where I’ll be joined by the amazing author Virginia Kantra!
  • In Glen Allen, VA — a ‘burb of Richmond!
  • In my current-northern-home-town of Framingham, and in a variety of other cool Massachusetts venues, including the Tewsksbury Public Library!
  • In East Brunswick,  NJ, and Wilmington, DE!

…you only have until Saturday, February 1st to order a personalized, signed book via my DO OR DIE Virtual Signing.

And if you’re looking to get a signed copy of my Troubleshooters paperback anthology, HEADED FOR TROUBLE, (or any other of my paperback backlist!) you have until February 18th to order a virtually signed copy through my bookseller friend, Merry Cutler, of Annie’s Book Stop in Sharon, MA.  (But do it sooner rather than later — she might run out of copies!) Find out more at DO OR DIE Countdown Day Eight or on my appearances page.

But okay.  Here we go.  Today’s Countdown feature!

Head over to AudioGals to:

  1. enter to win one of ten (10) free audiobook downloads of DO OR DIE, courtesy of Blackstone Audio!
  2. hear a sample of DO OR DIE, read by both Patrick Lawlor and Melanie Ewbank
  3. find out about AudioGals’ four day on-line event (Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday!), which includes two days of fun audio interviews with Patrick, Melanie, and me (all of us, on tape, together!) — and a Q&A day where all three of us will drop in and respond to questions and comments!


Okay, that’s the countdown for today.  See you on Monday, aka DO-OR-DIE Eve.

Read DO OR DIE’s cover blurb at

Get a signed hardcover copy (before Feb. 1st!) via my DO OR DIE Virtual signing at

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