Countdown to Born to Darkness

February 24, 2012

25 days…

until Born to Darkness
hits bookstores and eReaders

Day Nine… It’s Q&A question-collection day!

And it’s BEGINNINGS AND ENDS excerpt day!
Plus a bonus countdown link to some thoughts on writing books with Navy SEAL heroes!

Whoo-freaking-hoo! Happy Friday, to boot!

Q: What the frak is “Q&A question-collection” day?

A: It’s a way for you to help me out with a future countdown page AND win some fabulous prizes!

Those fabulous prizes include: a Brilliance CD audiobook of BREAKING THE RULES, HOT PURSUIT or ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT, or a collector’s edition print “extra” booklet version of WHEN TONY MET ADAM!

I’ll be giving away six FABULOUS prizes in total!

So here’s how it works:

I’m going to be doing a Q&A page later in the countdown, and I’m collecting questions to answer.

Instead of going down my tried-and-true list of FAQs, I thought I’d put the ball in your court and let you hit me with whatever burning topics are on your minds. And I thought I’d reward you for your efforts!

I’m asking you to send your questions to me via email. So anyone who emails me at [email protected] with the words “Countdown Question” in the subject header (and a question in the body of the email! LOL!) will be eligible, via a random drawing, to win one of the nifty prizes listed above.

You can include as many questions in your email as you like, but please send only one email entry per person, okay? (We’ll use the honor system here. I still believe in the honor system, and I bet you do, too.)

This contest/offer is open to all readers who live on planet earth. (Sorry, Vulcans and Romulans!)

The one restriction (besides the one email per person request) is that your email arrives in my email in-box before midnight on Monday, February 27, 2012. (Before midnight 2/27/12, anywhere on planet earth.)

So hit me with those questions and I’ll answer as many of them as I can, in a coupla weeks! (I’ll also announce the prize winners here on the countdown, as well as contact you via email for your prize choice and mailing address!)

Remember, write your email to [email protected] and put “Countdown Question” in the subject header, and hit “send” before midnight on Monday, Feb. 27th. (Got it? Good.)

Born to Darkness

Countdown Part Deux

The long awaited excerpt from BEGINNINGS AND ENDS, the new Jules & Robin short story!

It comes as a special “Extra” booklet with my BtoD virtual signing, or you can get it as an e-book short story (in all e-formats) from Ballantine Books this summer! But you can read a sample on the main B&E page. Just follow the link above!

Last but not least!

I’ve written a short piece about BORN TO DARKNESS and its Navy SEAL hero for’s BtoD page. (Click over to the page and scroll down a bit, to the “Message from Suzanne Brockmann!”

Check it out here!

That’s today’s countdown.

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