Countdown to Born to Darkness

February 15, 2012

34 days…

until Born to Darkness
hits bookstores and eReaders.

Day Two…Welcome back! Today’s countdown page is a pair of fun video clips from The Popular Romance Project website! Here’s the official link (for those too impatient to read my blog first. And that’s not judgment, just accommodation! Just as some of you always read the final page of a book first, some of you like to jump right to the link. That’s okay. Infinite diversity in infinite combinations, as Mr. Spock always said. FYI, today’s countdown page is more than vaguely Mr. Spock themed!).So here’s the story behind the link. . .

A really interesting filmmaker named Laurie Kahn has created a multi-media event called “The Popular Romance Project.” It’s a documentary film, and a truly lovely website, and an academic symposium, and a series of library programs complete with traveling exhibit.

In a nutshell, the PRP is fascinating. (Mr. Spock reference intentional. )

I sat down with Laurie and her crew at last year’s RWA National Conference, and we talked about many, many things. And several segments from this filmed interview are up on the PRP website now. (The above link will take you right to them.)

You can watch me talk about writing my first novel, as well as my thoughts on my very important relationship with you – my readers! (And it all ties into my ongoing love of Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock, and Star Trek. Go figure!)

There’s a lot of really great content on this website, so be prepared to spend some time surfin’. (The water’s fine!) You’ll want to bookmark it, too, because Laurie and her team are going to be posting new material on a regular basis.

Be sure to leave a comment beneath my videos! I’ll be stopping by throughout the course of the day, too, to say hi!

Oh, and if you like what you see of the PRP, then make sure you like the PRP’s facebook page, too, and share it with your romance-reading and romance-writing friends!

Your support really matters, and liking the PRP facebook page will help the documentary film project move forward!

That’s today’s countdown.Facebook users, pop over to my Suzanne Brockmann Facebook page to talk about today’s page!Come back tomorrow to find out how to get some of my BORN TO DARKNESS Trading Cards!
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Born to Darkness