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Shane’s Last Stand

An original Fighting Destiny short story,
introducing former Navy SEAL Shane Laughlin, the hero of can i buy sildenafil over the counter

Suzanne Brockmann Books
Reissued 2018
Originally published by Ballantine Books in 2012
Fighting Destiny # 0.5
Timeframe: the future

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Meet Shane Laughlin, the hero of Born to Darkness, in a special e-short that tells the story of his final mission as an officer with SEAL Team Thirteen — the mission that strips him of his command, earns him a dishonorable discharge, and leaves him blacklisted and unlikely to find work in the darkly futuristic world of the mid-twenty-first century.

The assignment seems simple enough: insert into a dangerous, war-torn country and take out a deadly terrorist. But from the moment that Shane injures his ankle in what should have been a routine parachute landing, it’s clear Murphy’s Law — whatever can go wrong, will go wrong — is in effect. And sure enough, the situation goes from bad to worse, until Shane faces what seems like the ultimate no-win scenario. In his quest to save both an innocent woman and the SEALs under his command, he’s willing to put himself into danger, risking everything he’s worked for-his career, and even his life . . . (60 pages)

Shane's Last Stand
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For pictures of Shane, please see the Facebook Gallery and for more information about the full Born to Darkness cast, please can i buy sildenafil over the counter.


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