Home Fire Inferno
(Burn, Baby, Burn!)

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HOME FIRE INFERNO (Burn, Baby, Burn)

Featuring: Navy SEALs Izzy Zanella, Dan Gillman, Jay Lopez, Mark Jenkins, Senior Chief Stan Wolchonok, and introducing Hubert Bickles (aka HoboMofo); Eden Zanella, Jenn Gillman, Brianna Bickles, and Brianna’s 5th grade teacher Carol Redmond.

Location: Manila, Philippines; San Diego and Obsidian Springs, California

Timeframe: This Troubleshooters story takes place in January 2010, about eight months after the end of Breaking the Rules, and about two weeks after Free Fall.

Navy SEAL Dan Gillman’s wife, Jenn, goes into early labor while stranded in the California desert, as he and most of Team Sixteen are mission ready, overseas. Meanwhile, left behind with a recent knee injury and faced with impending surgery and rehab, Chief Jay Lopez decides that the timing might be exactly right for a romantic interlude with a pretty fifth grade teacher . . . High jinks definitely ensue. (12,000 words or about 50 pages)

HOME FIRE INFERNO is the second story in a connected trilogy of Troubleshooters shorts and novellas that starts with FREE FALL and concludes with READY TO ROLL.


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WayoftheWarrior_final copyOriginally published May, 2015, in Way of the Warrior, a military romantic suspense anthology from Sourcebooks, with all author proceeds benefiting U.S. veterans.