Time Enough for Love

Reissued 2017 by Suzanne Brockmann Books
Originally published by Bantam Loveswept, #858, 1997
212 pages
HERO: Dr. Charles Della Croce, physicist, genius, discoverer of the theories that made time travel possible
HEROINE: Maggie Winthrop
LOCATION: Phoenix, Arizona
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Maggie Winthrop honestly would’ve remembered if she’d met Chuck Della Croce before. He’s outrageously tall, dark, and handsome—and completely naked—as he pounds on her backdoor, calling for her to let him in. He know things about Maggie that he shouldn’t. And when he tells he’s a time-traveler, and that they’re close friends seven years in the future, she’s ready to call the police.

But Maggie’s future is Chuck’s past, and he has the ability to foretell events—and he convinces her that he’s not completely crazy. In fact, he’s there to enlist her aid in talking himself—the seven years younger version of himself—out of developing his theories for time travel. A rogue agency has hijacked his time machine and are using it to overthrow the U.S. Government. Chuck had never intended for time travel to be used as a deadly weapon, but a team of killers is already hot on his heels, chasing him across time to make sure his mission fails.

Chuck’s got one chance to set things right—but he didn’t count on getting a do-over to win Maggie’s heart. He’s willing to sacrifice everything for this woman that he’s quietly loved for years.

And Maggie’s head spins as she realizes that she’s falling for two men: Charles Della Croce, who lives in her timeline, and his life-hardened counterpart—the man from the future who calls himself Chuck

Set in 1997, Time Enough for Love is a full length novel of 54K words or 212 pages, originally published in 1997, by Bantam Loveswept.


  • Finalist for RWA’S Rita Award in the Paranomal Category, 1997


“Trust Brockmann to come up with a fiendishly clever time-travel twist to leave readers breathless.” 4 and 1/2 stars. Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times.


  • I’ve written a screenplay version of this story called DOUBLE VISION
  • I pictured Sandra Bullock as Maggie and Jeff Goldblum (anyone seen EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY?) as Chuck!
  • Maggie’s last name (Winthrop) was named after Winthrop Paroo. At the time I was outlining this book, my twelve year old son, Jason, was in the midst of an 8-week theatrical run of THE MUSIC MAN. In fact, this entire book is heavily influenced by the fact that I sat through at least seven of Jason’s thirty performances of that show!
  • When I was first married, my husband and I (life-long Northeasterners) virtually threw darts at a map to decide where to spend the first few years of our marriage. It came down to Sante Fe or Phoenix, and Phoenix won!

Note From Suz: I wanted to write a time travel story that was actually about time travel. So many TT’s start with a mystical, magical happening that isn’t scientifically explained. But TEFL is the story of the man who discovers the theories of time travel and invents a machine that will do just that. When his “Wells Project” (named in honor of H.G.!) is used to initiate a political coup, he uses a prototype to return to seven years in his past — to stop himself from inventing his time machine.

As I warmed to this idea, I realized I was writing a book in which the heroine would meet the hero for the first time not once, but three different times!

The story is a love triangle — it’s the story of a woman who loves and is loved by two men. The twist is that the two men are one and the same — the hero from the future and the hero from the past!

It was, without a doubt, an extremely fun book to write!