Hawken’s Heart (It Came Upon A Midnight Clear)

Tall, Dark & Dangerous #6
Silhouette Intimate Moments #896
December 1998
251 pages
HERO: Lt. William “Crash” Hawken, U.S. Navy SEAL
HEROINE: Nell Burns, Personal Assistant
LOCATION: Suburban Washington, D.C.
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Navy SEAL Crash Hawken awakens in a Washington, D.C., hospital to learn that he is the prime suspect in the assassination attempt on a commanding officer. Charged with treason, conspiracy and murder, he is alone—except for Nell Burns. Nell and Crash have a history—as friends, as lovers. And she knows he could not have committed these crimes. Soon they are on the run, determined to uncover what really happened the night of the attempted assassination. But first they have to survive another day.

Awards won from Romantic Times Magazine:

  • Gold Medal Review
  • WISH Award for LT. Crash Hawken
  • Reviewers Choice Award for Best Silhouette Intimate Moments of the Year
  • Reviewers Choice Award for Best Series Romance of the Year


What a wonderful gift — a new Navy SEAL book from Suzanne Brockmann!” 4 and 1/2 Star Gold Medal and a WISH Award. Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times


  • My original title for this book was HAWKEN’S HEART.
  • Jake’s inability to draw is based on the somewhat, ahem, questionable artistic talents of my own husband, who swears he can draw a horse if we would only give him enough time. (Like two centuries… )
  • I pictured Jodie Foster as Nell Burns — in fact, I even named my heroine after the character Jodie played in the movie “Nell.”

Note from Suz: What’s up with the new title? I’ve long been an advocate of reissuing books with their original titles, but this time the title change was my idea! I thought that the Christmas-y title (this book was first published in December, 1998) wouldn’t work so well on an April reissue! So my publisher agreed to go back to my original working title for this book, which was Hawken’s Heart. I’ve asked Mira Books to be sure to include the fact that this book was previously published as It Came Upon a Midnight Clear right on the front cover — I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll do that! We’ve included a “Dear Reader” letter inside to explain the title change — but readers should always be savvy to the fact that reissues often get renamed — usually without the author’s awareness! Always check the copyright date to make sure you’re not buying a reissue of a book you read ten years ago!