Scenes of Passion

Scenes of Passion is included in PASSION & PERIL, a 2-in-1 with a new story by Jill Sorenson, from HQN
Originally published July, 2003
by Silhouette Desire #1519
192 pages
HERO: Matthew Stone
HEROINE: Maggie Stanton
LOCATION: Eastfield, Connecticut
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The awakening of Maggie Stanton…

Twenty-nine-year-old Maggie Stanton always did what was right, what was expected. Safe, steady….and unsatisfying–that pretty much summed up her life. Until she encountered a stranger who stirred her imagination until she blushed, and who, with looks that communicated a lifetime, made Maggie do the unimaginable: take a risk….

To Maggie’s shock, the man who’d compelled her to forsake predictability for passion was the full-grown version of the rebellious boy who’d been her best friend. Only, this Matthew Stone wanted marriage, not reminiscences. For a while, Maggie almost believed that their whirlwind wedding was the union of soul mates. Almost. Because there was much more to her husband that met the eye….


Romantic Times Bookclub Magazine gave Scenes of Passion a Top Pick and 4 and 1/2 stars! Here’s what they said: “Maggie Stanton is a wimp — too much of one to get herself out of an engagement and a job she doesn’t want. All of that changes with a phone call from Matthew Stone, who dated her best friend in high school, forcing Maggie to keep her desire for him secret. (Suz: Well, okay, that’s not really true. But it’s close enough…) No such barrier stands in their way today, but life has plenty of new roadblocks. Love and passion come easy for this couple, but trust is hard won. You name it, Suzanne Brockmann’s Scenes of Passion probably has it, and then some!”


  • Scenes of Passion was written almost exactly ten years before it was finally published!
  • Although SOP takes place in Eastfield, a fictional town in Connecticut, it’s based on my own childhood home town, Guilford!
  • It’s sheer coincidence that Scenes of Passion was published the very same year that, after over twenty years away from community theater, I returned to the stage and appeared in the chorus of the Turtle Lane Playhouse production of Once Upon a Mattress.