No Ordinary Man

Harlequin Intrigue #365, April, 1996
Dangerous Men
Reissued: 2008
250 pages
HERO: Rob Carpenter, Computer programmer
HEROINE: Jess Baxter, musician
LOCATION: Sarasota, Florida
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Vital Statistics of Rob Carpenter:

  • early thirties
  • traveling consultant
  • no family
  • likes Chinese takeout and action movies

That was all Jess Baxter knew about her newest tenant, Rob Carpenter. That and the fact that he liked her daughter — and was the sexiest guy she’d ever met. But as Jess found out, no one got to know the elusive Mr. Carpenter. He was a master at dodging questions…and igniting her desires. With just one of his searing kisses, Jess was hotter than the Florida sun.

But then the murders started — all women who looked like Jess. And the profile of the killer matched Rob…. Was Rob an innocent victim — or had his burning kisses only been a smoke screen? One thing was certain: Rob Carpenter was no ordinary man.


“An unusual and compelling romance.” 4 and 1/2 stars. Affair de Coeur.


  • FROM THE SHADOWS OF DEATH was my original title for this book! (Um, not quite appropriate for a series romance…)
  • I was certain this book would never sell — a series romance in which the heroine suspects the hero is a serial killer? It was rejected by both Silhouette Intimate Moments and Harlequin Intrigue for being too dark and gritty, and was on my never-gonna-sell shelf, when I saw a blurb in RT that said Harlequin Intrigue was bringing back the “Dangerous Men” imprint for that line, and that they were looking for books with dark heroes. Heroes in doubt, the article said. I dusted off FROM THE SHADOWS OF DEATH and resubmitted. We did major revisions (making it a stronger, better book), but the entire second half of the book remained the same!
  • NOM has one of my absolutely favorite category romance covers! (See it on the excerpt page!)
  • Jess Baxter is a folksinger, and she gets the opportunity in the book to play a warm-up set for Boston area folksinger Terry Kitchen. Terry is a very real folksinger/songwriter and a good friend of mine. He was extremely psyched to appear in NO ORDINARY MAN.
  • I’ve always wanted to write FBI agent Parker Elliot’s story! Maybe someday…