Hero Under Cover

Silhouette Intimate Moments #575
June, 1994
ISBN: 0-373-07575-8
250 pages
HERO: CIA Agent Kendall “Pete” Peterson, aka bodyguard Pete Taylor.
HEROINE: Art Authenticator Annie Morrow, suspected of smuggling
This book was reissued in January, 2001 in a 2-in-1 from Silhouette titled HER GUARDIAN
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He came to her unexpectedly, and he changed her life.

When Pete Taylor first offered his services as a bodyguard, Annie Morrow wanted nothing to do with him. She was sure the threats against her weren’t serious. While the Indian death mask she was working on was valuable, it wasn’t worth killing for. One murder attempt later, Annie was awfully glad to have him around. She owed him her life. Suddenly she was beginning to believe in heroes — and dreams. Pete was a real man, and the only person she could allow herself to trust.

Sometimes, though, even heroes have their secrets…


  • On the back cover copy for HERO UNDER COVER, the heroine is called “Annie Morgan” instead of “Annie Morrow.”

Note From Suz: Okay, my story about HUC is about the cover art. This was my first Silhouette Intimate Moments — it was a rather new experience all around.

I received my printout of something called “Author Alterations,” which at the time (1993!) was an extremely bad carbon of a dot matrix printing of the copy edited version of my manuscript. It was very hard to read and on top of that I had a neat little gift from my son — conjunctivitis. I was on a deadline, so I sat down to peer at it through my blurry, bleary eyes, to check for typos and any unacceptable changes that the copy editor might have made.

Halfway through this arduous task, I got a phone call from my editor, who had just seen the cover art for this book. “I have good news and bad news,” she told me. The good news was that she thought the cover was a good one. (I’ll let you make your own opinion about that!) The bad news was that the heroine was not a blonde.

Now, when I wrote this book, I envisioned Annie Morrow as being a California blonde. You know — long, straight, extremely light blond hair. Kind of like Julie on The Mod Squad.

My editor told me I had two options. The first was they could send the cover back to the art department, and they could paint over the photo to make her hair lighter…but, oh, by the way, when they do that, it usually looks really bad. Or… (And can you guess right now that I was already bracing myself to do option two, even before I heard what it was?!) I could go through the manuscript and change the color of my heroine’s hair. I could make her a brunette instead of a blonde.

And yes. I did it.