Give Me Liberty

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Originally Published by Precious Gem Romance #86
Written as Anne Brock
September, 1997
159 pages
Hero: Luke Fulton, entrepreneur (Small town video rental store owner! Really!! OMG, sell, Luke, sell!!)
Heroine: Liberty Jones, free spirit
Location: Sterling, Vermont
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For Liberty Jones, life is an open road, and in her Triumph Spitfire, she cruises through it moment by thrilling moment. Until the car breaks down in Sterling — the Vermont town where she spent her childhood summers. Not only does the farm house bequeathed by her aunt inspire a flood of memories, but there’s a man who catches her eye, and he’s hot enough to overheat any woman’s engine…

Luke Fulton has a dream — buy back the family land he lost to ski-resort developers and find the right woman to share it with. Liberty seems willing to make it come true, but when he learns of her plans to sell off her inheritance, Luke fears another summer romance is reaching the season’s end. Now Luke has a new dream: to convince Liberty that life’s unexpected detours can not only turn the heart around, but lead to happiness and long-lasting love…

Give Me Liberty


  • Anne Brock is a shortened form of (Suz)Anne Brock(mann)!

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