Free Fall

A Troubleshooters short story
featuring Navy SEAL Izzy Zanella

Featuring: Navy SEALs Izzy Zanella and Tony Vlachic, their spouses and partners Eden and Adam, as well as Eden’s teenaged brother Ben Gillman.

Location: San Diego, California

Timeframe: Free Fall takes place about eight months after the end of BREAKING THE RULES (TS #16) and around two weeks before HOME FIRE INFERNO.

Suzanne Brockmann, bestselling author of the pulse-pounding Troubleshooters series, has been hailed by USA Today as a “superstar of romantic suspense.” In this original short story, available exclusively as an eBook, Brockmann returns with some of her most beloved characters from the Troubleshooters world: Izzy Zanella and his friends in U.S. Navy SEAL Team Sixteen.

What should be an easy HAHO training jump for SEAL Team Sixteen goes wrong, forcing Izzy Zanella to do what he does best: Improvise.  At thirty thousand feet.  (About 12,000 words or 50 pages)

FREE FALL is the first installment of a connected trilogy of Troubleshooters short stories and novellas that continues in HOME FIRE INFERNO, and concludes in READY TO ROLL.

FREE FALL is also available in a 2-in-1 collection with HOME FIRE INFERNO (Burn, Baby, Burn!) in both ebook and print-on-demand.

Available in Print on Demand

Available on Audio (narrated by Patrick Lawlor and Melanie Ewbank)