A Man to Die For

Silhouette Intimate Moments #681
December, 1995
ISBN: 0-373-07681-9
248 pages
HERO: Police Detective Felipe Salazar
HEROINE: Carrie Brooks, Marine Biologist from Montana
LOCATION: St. Simone, Florida
NOT WITHOUT RISK and A MAN TO DIE FOR were reissued by HQN in 2010 in a 2-in-1 called NOWHERE TO RUN

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Carrie Brooks’ answer: leave her home, her job, her very existence, to run awway with a murder suspect, a man whose only prior introduction to her was as her kidnapper. She has no reason at all to trust him. After all, he’s proven that he’s the enemy — hasn’t he?

Felipe Salazar’s answer: prove, somehow, that he is an innocent man. He’s been in disguise for so long, he’s not even sure who he is anymore. But he knows one thing — he’s waited all his life for Carrie. And he’s not about to let her get away….


  • Romantic Times WISH Award for Police Detective Felipe Salazar


“…our hearts sizzle with pulse pounding excitement in this wonderful love story.” 4 and 1/2 Stars and WISH Award. Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times


  • This is the second of two books that take place in St. Simone, Florida. The first, NOT WITHOUT RISK, tells the story of Felipe Salazar’s partner, Jim Keegan.
  • Police Detective Felipe Salazar helped me win my very first WISH Award from Romantic Times Magazine. (I’ve since won a whole bunch more!)
  • That’s cover model Cindy Guyer on the original cover of A MAN TO DIE FOR!