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Embraced by Love

Ballantine Books
Reissued 2004
Originally released by Pinnacle Romance
January, 1995
222 pages
HERO: Cooper McBride, Architect
HEROINE: Josie Taylor, President & CEO Taylor-Made Software
LOCATION: New York City
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Josie Taylor and Cooper McBride are the quintessential New York married couple. Attractive and ambitious, they have successful fast-track careers, a satisfying level of intimacy in their private lives, and a love that seems to grow stronger every day.

But not the sudden deaths of Josie‚Äôs brother and his wife leave Josie and Cooper responsible for their two small children. It is a project Josie and Cooper find both exhilarating and daunting…and which challenges their life together in unexpected ways.

It will take a little faith, a lot of hard work, and compromises on both their parts for Josie and Cooper to keep everything from unraveling…and maybe even rekindle the passion that brought them together in the first place.

Embraced By Love
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  • EMBRACED BY LOVE was once very hard to find, and frequently sold on e-Bay for as much as $200.
  • It was written as the lead book in a four part series from Pinnacle — a series of romances in which the hero and heroine are already married at the start of the book.
  • Like the children in EMBRACED BY LOVE, both of my kids had severe food allergies when they were small!