Taylor’s Temptation

Tall, Dark & Dangerous # 10
Silhouette Intimate Moments # 1087
July, 2001
250 pages
HERO: Chief Bobby Taylor, U.S. Navy SEAL
HEROINE: Colleen Mary Skelly, Law Student
LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts
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When it came to protecting the innocent, Bobby Taylor was your guy. Except when his best friend asked him to keep an eye on his little sister. Gorgeous Colleen Skelly didn’t look like anyone’s kid sister and he wanted to keep more than just his eye on her….

After years of trying to get Navy SEAL Bobby Taylor to notice her, Colleen had finally succeeded. Bobby was hers, if only for a few days. And she was determined to prove she was a grown woman—and that he was all she would ever need in a man….


  • Voted # 5 of Romance Writers of America’s Top Ten Favorite Books of 2001
Taylor's Temptation
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TAYLOR’S TEMPTATION is Ms Brockmann at her best. I highly recommend it and all her Tall, Dark & Dangerous series.
— Fatin Shukri, Romance Reviews Today

TAYLOR’S TEMPTATION is an action-packed and passion-filled romance that grabs you from the first word and doesn’t let go until the last. Bobby is a loyal, protective man who will do anything for his best friend, even watch out for his little sister. Unfortunately, Bobby wants to do more than protect her, which causes problems… The newest addition to the Tall, Dark, and Dangerous series, TAYLOR’S TEMPTATION, is a huge success. Ms. Brockmann continues to dazzle us with her creative skills by bringing each one of the team members to life and helping them to live–and find love. TAYLOR’S TEMPTATION is big, hunky Bobby Taylor’s story and definitely worth the wait…. It’s definitely one for the keeper shelf. — Robin Peek, Romance Reviews Today

“I discovered Suzanne Brockmann last year with Get Lucky, and after spending much of last year catching up on the other books and the series, I was eagerly anticipating this one. I wasn’t disappointed. It has all the Brockmann trademarks readers have come to expect – a fun romance, action, humor, and of course, a SEAL hero. In some ways Taylor’s Temptation also seemed like a bit of a departure, because it was somewhat hotter than I was expecting, and the heroine was even more appealing than the hero….

“A Navy SEAL on medical leave agrees to help a buddy by convincing the man’s younger sister to forego her plans to volunteer for international disaster relief…. In a battle between loyalty to a friend and feelings he never thought he’d feel, this SEAL is torn by TAYLOR’S TEMPTATION. Suzanne Brockmann delivers steam and sizzle certain to please.” — Debbie Richardson, Romantic Times


  • The idea of writing a “not with MY sister you don’t” story for the two inseparable best friends of Alpha Squad, Bobby Taylor and Wes Skelly, came from a laughter-filled brainstorming session with my friends Scott and Patricia. I think it was actually Scott who came up with the concept (after I refused to write a romance BETWEEN Bobby and Wes!  I’d long established that these guys were straight). Thanks, Scott!
  • When my readers found out that I was finally going to be writing extra-large Bobby Taylor’s story, I received a HUGE amount of mail and email begging me not to pair Bobby up with some petite little heroine. And so Colleen Skelly grew to be taller than her somewhat compact brother Wes (much to his chagrin, I’m sure!) She takes after their father, while he inherited height genes from his mother’s side of the family.
  • Wes’s story, originally called WILD, WILD WES is titled NIGHT WATCH.