Countdown to Born to Darkness

February 14, 2012
Happy Valentine’s Day!

35 days…

until Born to Darkness
hits bookstores and eReaders.

Day One…

I’ve got some fun things planned for this countdown, but we’re going to start the same way I’ve started my official countdowns for many, many years — with a cast list of (some, not all of the) characters who appear in BORN TO DARKNESS. (You didn’t really think I’d reveal everything, did you?)

And of course, all of these people are new to you. But I think eventually you’re going to like them as much as I do, so… (You’ll see more of them in the books that follow BORN TO DARKNESS, too.)

Everyone listed below is a POV character in BORN TO DARKNESS. (Scroll down to the note at the bottom of the page, if this makes you go “Huh?”)

Born to Darkness

Shane’s video first:

Now meet Mac:

And now, more photo galleries!

Shane Laughlin Photo Gallery

Michelle “Mac” Mackenzie Photo Gallery

And finally, the third part of today’s countdown . . . Excerpts:

See Shane through Mac’s eyes. . .

Mac shrugged off her jacket, and turned to find the sailor still standing by the door, watching her.

Damn, he was attractive–tall and lean, with broad shoulders, narrow hips, and long legs. He was almost impossibly handsome, too, with that head of thick, reddish blond hair, a straight nose, a strong chin, and an almost elegant, gracefully shaped mouth that was quick to quirk up into a smile.

Kind of the way it was doing right now.

He was well-educated, and well-mannered, and his intelligence gleamed in his perfect-cloudless-sky-blue eyes.

And as scornful as she’d pretended to be about the whole officer-and-a-gentleman thing, it was a total turn-on.

His smile broadened at her perusal, and she didn’t doubt for a second that a man this handsome knew exactly how good-looking he was. She would’ve bet her entire month’s pay that he knew just how to make his eyes sparkle like that, in order to make a woman’s heart beat a little harder.

It was working.

Now see Mac through Shane’s eyes. . .

…But then she walked in-or rather limped in. She was smaller than the average woman, and slight of build. She’d also injured her foot, probably her ankle, but other than that, she carried herself like an operator. She’d certainly scanned the room like one as she’d come in.

Which was when Shane had gotten a hit from her eyes. They were pale and he couldn’t tell from this distance whether they were blue or green or even a light shade of brown. But the color didn’t matter, it was the glimpse he got of the woman within that had made him snap to attention-internally, that is.

She looked right at him, gave him some direct eye contact, then assessed him. She took a very brief second to appreciate his handsome face and trim form, catalogued him, and finally dismissed him.

Of course, he was playing the role of the hick just off the turnip truck–he would have dismissed himself, too, had he just walked in.

Shane watched from the corner of his eye as she sat at the bar, shrugged out of her jacket to reveal a black tank top, then pulled off her hat and scarf. She was completely tattoo-free-at least in all of the traditional places that he could currently see.

Her light-colored hair was cut short and was charmingly messed. But it was the back of her neck that killed him. Long and slender and pale, it was so utterly feminine-almost in proud defiance of her masculine clothing choices, her nicely-toned shoulders and arms, and her complete and total lack of makeup.

And Shane was instantly intrigued.

That’s today’s countdown.

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