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Hey, movie lovers! I know that this movie page is currently (July 2018) one hot mess, and I’ve just invited a whole bunch of you over here to find out about the movie we’re making of Out of Body. (Ahem.)

Main thing you need to know (before I find the time to organize this hot mess into something that’s still hot but less messy!) is that we’ll be holding a Kickstarter Campaign to help crowd-fund Out of Body, with lots of cool backer rewards available. That’s gonna happen some time in August.

If you already have a Kickstarter account, you can go ahead and follow me on Kickstarter, and you’ll get notified when the campaign for OOB goes live:

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Separate pages for Analysis Paralysis and Out of Body (the movie) coming soon, I promise!


Right about now you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, what, you make MOVIES…?”

My answer is “Yes!”

I have a tiny little production company called small or LARGE Productions, and we make SAG ultra-low budget indie features! We’re currently at the very end of pre-production, along with my son Jason’s production company, My Pet Hippo, for our third feature-length rom-com movie, ANALYSIS PARALYSIS! (We plan to hit the LGBTQ film fest circuit summer 2018, with a wider release shortly after!)

We’re also in early pre-production for another rom-com, working title OUT OF BODY, that I co-wrote with Jason! Production is planned for September 2018!

Our first movie is a romantic comedy called THE PERFECT WEDDING, and it’s available from Wolfe Releasing on DVD and via Hulu. Our second is a thriller, RUSSIAN DOLL, and it’s currently making the LGBTQ festival rounds, and will be released more widely by Wolfe later in 2017.

But before we made TPW, we made a teeny tiny little super-indie movie called JOLLY, and we recently made it available for streaming on Amazon. If you’ve got Prime, you can stream it for free, otherwise it’s available as a rental via Amazon for $1.99 (or a purchase for $4.99!) It’s flawed, but it’s got some really fun moments, and it’s super sweet. (It stars a very young Jason T. Gaffney, Sylvia Batey Alcala, and Eric Ruben.)

You can find out more about Analysis Paralysis via our (long ended and very successful!) Kickstarter Campaign (Sept. 12 – Oct. 4, 2017)

Watch for a coming Kickstarter for OUT OF BODY, coming at you in Summer 2018

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Jolly (a mockumentary) (Our very, very first movie ever!) stream it for free (or rent for $1.99) with Amazon Prime

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