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TPW 3D_DVD-Perfect-Wedding-2 ARight about now you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, what, you make MOVIES…?”

My answer is “Yes!”

I have a tiny little production company called small or LARGE Productions, and we make SAG ultra-low budget indie features! We’re currently in pre-production, along with my son Jason’s production company, My Pet Hippo, for our third feature-length movie, ANALYSIS PARALYSIS!

Our first movie is a romantic comedy called THE PERFECT WEDDING, and it’s available from Wolfe Releasing on DVD and via Hulu. Our second is a thriller, RUSSIAN DOLL, and it’s currently making the LGBTQ festival rounds, and will be released more widely by Wolfe later in 2017.

We’ve just launched a Kickstarter Campaign (Sept. 12 – Oct. 4, 2017) to help fund ANALYSIS PARALYSIS, an m/m rom-com more in the vein of THE PERFECT WEDDING. (Check it out — there are some fun rewards. Traditional things like a DVD of the movie, but also cool stuff like “Be a beta-reader of Suz’s next SEAL book…”)  The link to our Kickstarter Page is

(Please feel free to share it wildly while the campaign is live!)

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