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Stand-In Groom

From Bantam
Originally published by Loveswept, #840, in June, 1997
Reissued 2007
211 pages
HERO: Giovanni “Johnny” Anziano, master chef
HEROINE: Chelsea Spencer, Computer programmer
LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts
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He was tall, dark and just dangerous enough to be a woman’s dream come true…

Did heroes always come this big and sexy? Chelsea Spencer wondered as Johnny Anziano tackled the muggers who’d stolen her purse! She wasn’t used to being rescued, at least not by a gorgeous stranger whose smile was pure temptation. Could this intriguing mystery man help her pull off a risky charade, or would sharing close quarters with a handsome rebel start a fire she couldn’t control?

Irresistibly seductive and utterly romantic, Suzanne Brockmann’s spirited romp takes a mismatched pair of lovers on a roller-coaster ride with destiny. She’d offered him a deal he couldn’t refuse, a chance for a brand-new start, but could he make her believe her heart was the prize he’d vowed to win?

Stand-In Groom
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“Brockmann dishes up another fabulous WISH hero.” 4 and 1/2 stars and WISH Award. Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times.


  • My original title for this book was FIRST DATE!
  • When STAND-IN GROOM first came out, I received a lot of feedback about the phone call scene!
  • STAND-IN GROOM takes place in Boston — my current hometown!